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  • #11 Craig Fair 81-82 Season 

    unknown (1981-82)
  • #14 dribbles ball 

    unknown (undated)
  • #15 Chris Lacy 

    unknown (1972)
  • 1950-51 Squad 

    unknown (1950-1951)
  • 1953 Cheerleaders 

    Ed Taylor Studio (1953)
    Left to Right: Jean Ball, Betty Jean Masters, Tom Hawes, Betty Jeanne Snodgrass, Jan Walker
  • 1955 Cheerleaders 

    unknown (Milligan Buffalo, 1955)
    Identified: Pat Bonner
  • 1956 Cheerleaders 

    unknown (1956)
    Identified: 1. Roxane Henderson 2. Jan Rinner 3. Diane Barnes
  • 1960's Campus Shot 

    unknown (1963-05)
  • 1962 Cheerleaders 

    unknown (1962)
    Diane Hubbard, Nancy Conrad, Bob Dawson, Pat Combs and Bonnie Allee
  • 1963 Cheerleaders 

    unknown (1963)
    Bob Dawson, Pat Combs, Nancy Conrad, Bonnie Allee, Diane Hubbard
  • 1970's Cheerleaders 

    unknown (1970)
  • 1972 Basketball Team 

    unknown (1972)
  • 1973-74 Team Picture 

    unknown (1973-1974)
    Coach Pat Bonner. Front (L to R): Correna Bowers, Liz Vernon, Ruth Ziebart, Sandie Earnest. Back (L to R): Ruth Sandy, Peggy Dyer, Brenda Forst, Kallie Taber, Chris Sankovech, Pat Bonner
  • 1976 Cheerleaders 

    unknown (1976)
    Left to Right: Greg Fleetwood, Pam Johnson, Bill Rodda, Cindy Keefauver, Larry McNett, Janie Shepherd, Lee Morrow, Debi Holsapple, Jeff Walker, Kitty Berry, Jeff Daniels and Sissy Hill
  • 1977 Cheerleaders 

    unknown (1977)
    Martie Moore, Steve Hanley, Ken DeLong, Barb Gallaher, Kitty Berry, Mike Carroll, Bill Rodda, Jeff Daniels, Christie Thompson, Cindy Keefauver, Russ Schooveld and Carol Whisnat; pg. 46 of 1977 yearbook
  • 1980-81 Team Picture 

    unknown (1980-1981)
    Back: Sandy Williams, Kay Scheck, Jeri Fisher, Sandy Richley, Jill Grove, Janice Berryman, Sharon Kelley, Treva Melean, Bonnie Gardner. Front: Tammy Waybright, Coach Randy Kirck, Tembra Chaplain
  • 1981-82 Team Picture 

    unknown (1981-1982)
    Back: Coach Randy Kirk, Missy Smith, Vicki Gardner, Darlyn "Shell" Gordon, Helen "Sauce" Fuqua, Jennifer Taylor. Front: Delores Strawberry, Renee Williams, Leah Magestio, Sharetta "C.C." Houston, Tina Lesler, Bonnie Gardner
  • 1982-83 Team Picture 

    unknown (1982-1983)
    Back: Coach Joe Lewis, Renee Williams, Leah Magestio, Sharetta Houston, Jammie Kenneson, Karen Barker, Assistant Coach Dove Hamlin. Front: Helen Fuqua, Vicki Gardner, Wendy Johnson Darlyn Gordon, Kelly McDuffie, Jennifer Taylor


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