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  • I Feel Better When I'm Dancing 

    Fleming, Katelyn (2016)
    Dancing provides many great benefits to occupational therapy. The DVD titled I Feel Better When I’m Dancing contains six different dances that can be easily utilized in practice. Each dance on the DVD is taught through ...
  • Piper Fine-Motor Activity Challenges 

    Piper, Jordan (2016)
    The PF-MAC is a module that allows the client to focus on fine motor coordination and dexterity. The PF-MAC has several different activities that the therapist has the option to set up or allow the client to choose from. ...
  • Horsin' Around 

    Ogle, Lindsey (2016-04)
    "Horsin' Around" incorporates sensory movements into a life-size board game. Players will ride on stick horses of varying weights and textures while they perform sensory movements on each tile space they land on. Included ...
  • Open Up! The Occupational Therapy Play and Storage Bench 

    Wills, Kelli (2016-04)
    This is no ordinary bench. With this simple design, one can evaluate and perform an endless variety of interventions without ever having to relocate. What makes this possible is the amazing ability of this bench to transform ...
  • "Have You Taken Your Meditation Today" Kit 

    Golden, Kallie (2016-04)
    A meditation kit for occupational therapists and other like minded professionals to use with their clients.
  • O.T. Expo 2016 

    Unknown author (2016-04)
  • Occupational Therapy at the Library 

    Broadhead, Brad (2016-04-20)
    As a child, when I looked at a tree, I saw much more than a tree. I saw a playground, a fort, a mountain to climb, monkey bars, a great hide-and-seek spot, and a place to relax. Similarly, I now view the library through ...
  • Spread the Word, Senses Matter: An Educational Tool for Sensory Processing Disorder 

    Bradshaw, Sadie (2017)
    An educational tool for those wanting to learn or teach others about Sensory Processing Disorder. Includes, powerpoint, pdf, handouts and a quiz.
  • Sew Yummy Sensory Foods 

    Cain, Brittany (2017)
    Manual on how to create sensory food that can be used in interventions with children.
  • Yoga for Your Life 

    Orick, Ryan (2017)
    This project utilizes yoga to address issues a person might be having to increase his or her quality of life.
  • The Zen Table 

    Miller, Taylor (2017-04)
    This project is associated with the Milligan College Occupational Therapy Masters program. Every year, the program holds a student-lead Expo where each individual student creates a fun and unique project that reflects ...
  • A Vision for Holistic Wellness: Developing an Adolescent Mental Health Program Through the Scope of Occupational Therapy 

    Batkiewicz, Jason (2017-04-01)
    Developing an occupational therapy program in a mental health setting.
  • The ConTENT Zone: Bringing the OuTdoors In 

    Trantham, Kala (2017-04-08)
    The ConTENT Zone is designed to help children be able to self-regulate when they are having issues with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), which is important so that children can perform everyday life tasks at home, at ...
  • Prevention Through Perspectives 

    Blake, Jasmine (2017-04-12)
    Prevention through Perspectives is a nine-week program that includes 15-20 minute weekly classroom activities for each key component of combating bullying. The nine core themes include emotional understanding (perspective ...
  • Lates Shuffleboard Fine Motor Fun 

    Lates, William (2017-04-12)
    This game was created to be a tabletop version of the game shuffleboard, and is played very similarly to the games Crokinole or Carrom. The game is played by flicking, sliding, or tossing pieces around the board, aiming ...
  • Devotions for the Caregiver 

    Bouch, Sarah (2017-04-12)
    This is a 30 day devotional for caregivers of any type. Each day is fairly brief and includes a couple of verses or quotes and some thoughts from the author. On some days there are prompts to journal or reflect, and at the ...
  • The Living Puzzles 

    Hay, Brandi (2017-04-12)
    The living puzzles are three puzzles that were manufactured out of pictures that I personally have taken. I had my pictures manufactured into three different size puzzles with varying piece counts: one is 8 inches by 10 ...
  • Portable Sensory Room 

    Riggs, Summer (2017-04-12)
    The Portable Sensory Room is a small 5 ft. x 5 ft. x ft. room that can be put together and taken back apart to be stored in a large storage bin. It can be moved and utilized in various spaces. The room contains a small ...
  • The Big Book of Social Stories 

    Gillum, Morgan (2017-04-12)
    This is a book of social stories that address situations and scenarios of everyday life. These are designed to help children with Autism understand what is expected of them and what they can expect in these different ...
  • Sensation Station 

    Sackett, Laura (2017-04-12)
    A manual to build a sensory and fine motor wall.


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