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    • Land Grant to Edmund Williams, 1782 

      State of North Carolina (1782-10)
      Edmund Williams received this land grant dated 1782 by the State of North Carolina for 640 acres of land along Buffalo Creek.
    • Wilson G. Barker, c. 1865 

      J. Smarer (1865)
      Rev. Wilson Gilvan Barker was born near Bristol, Virginia, on December 25, 1830. He was trained as a school teacher and served as a Colonel in the Confederate forces during the Civil War. On February 4, 1866, Barker was ...
    • Oldest known record of the Buffalo Institute, March 28, 1866 

      Wilson G. Barker (1866-03-28)
      This is a copy of the oldest known record of Buffalo Male and Female Institute. It is a statement of charges and credits to G. W. and S. W. Williams on behalf of their children. It is signed by Wilson G. Barker, founder ...
    • Postal Card from Wilson G. Barker to Josephus Hopwood, July 29, 1875 

      Barker, Wilson Gilvan (1875-07-29)
      A postal card from Wilson Barker to Josephus Hopwood informing Hopwood of his election as Principal of the Buffalo Male and Female Institute, dated July 29, 1875.
    • Buffalo Male and Female Institute circular, 1878 

      Unknown author (1878)
      This Buffalo Male and Female Institute circular would have been distributed prior to September 2, 1878, announcing the school term of fall 1878. On this circular, Josephus and Sarah Eleanor Hopwood are noted as principals ...
    • The Era of Christian Reform 

      Unknown author (1878)
      This illustration shows one hundred and fifteen leaders of the Campbell’s American Reform Movement. Robert Milligan can be seen standing in the section labeled “one hope.” This is a copy of the original lithograph in the ...
    • Subscription List, 1867 

      Unknown author (1878-06-07)
      On June 7, 1867, seventy-nine subscribers pledged $1553 to build a new school building on the acre of land that was donated by Joshua Williams. The Institute, a two-story structure built by bricks fired on-site, was ...
    • Dr. John Preston McConnell 

      Unknown author (1883-1896)
      Dr. John Preston McConnell, Class of 1890, faculty and staff 1883-1896, State Teachers College, East Radford, Virginia, ancient languages, literature, librarian, business manager, treasurer
    • Robert L. Taylor 

      Unknown author (1886)
      Robert L. Taylor: Milligan Student 1869-1871, Governor of Tennessee 1896
    • Class of 1887 

      Unknown author (1887)
      Class of 1887. Identified Standing (L to R) Edward Clinton Wilson, Leatitia (Lottie) Cornforth; Sitting (L to R) James W. Giles, Eugene M. Crouch
    • Group of People 

      Unknown author (1889-1891)
      Group in front of classroom building, ca. 1889-1891. Identified: Mrs. Eleanor LaRue Hopwood in center, standing linked arms with two young ladies
    • Milligan College Spring 1891 

      Unknown author (1891)
      students at northface of classroom building Josephus and Sarah LaRue Hopwood in center of photo. Henry Rufus Garrett to left of Mrs. Hopwood.
    • "Aunt Betty Cox's Class" 

      Unknown author (1891-1894)
      Class of girls
    • "Aunt Betty Cox's Class 

      Unknown author (1891-1894)
      Class of girls
    • Music Ensemble 

      Unknown author (1892)
      Milligan college music ensemble 1892
    • Register of Milligan College, 1880-1894 

      Milligan College (Milligan College, 1893)
      Catalogs for 1880-1894
    • AA Ferguson 

      Unknown author (1894)
      Aaron Alexander Ferguson, Class of 1882, tutor, exegesis, greek, mathematics. Church, history, lecturer, 1879-1880, 1911-1915, 1922, also a student of Buffalo Institute, Wytheville, VA
    • "Daddy's Class" 

      Unknown author (1894)
      "Daddy's Class" c1894
    • Milligan Class of 1894 

      Unknown author (1894)
      Milligan class


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