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    • Shooting Skeet 

      Unknown author (1)
      Shooting Skeet
    • H.R. Garrett 

      Public Relations (Milligan Public Relations, 05-31-2000)
      Message reads "This grave is on the Johnson Bible College Campus -- Mr. Garrett was president of both Milligan College (1903-1908) and Lincoln Memorial University -- 5-31-00
    • Classroom Building 

      Unknown author (Pre-1895)
      Classroom building- northeast side, note no cupola top. Group of students and faculty. Josephus Hopwood standing 7th from left, back row. Mrs. Eleanor Hopwood standing 6th from front row.
    • Classroom Building, pre-1895 

      Unknown author (pre-1895)
      Classroom Building, pre-1895
    • Leatitia (Hardin) LaRue 

      Unknown author (Pre-1895)
      Mrs. LaRue (Lotia) mother of Mrs. Hopwood
    • Unidentified Woman and Child 

      Ferrell (Ferrell, pre-1900)
      unidentified woman and child
    • Unidentified Young Lady 

      Baker's (Baker's, Pre-1900)
      unidentified young lady [could be Maude (England) Ellison]
    • Sue Belle 

      Cargille's Art Gallery, JC, TN (Cargille's Art Gallery, JC, TN, pre-1900)
      Sue Belle (Brummett) Bell, Dry Creek, TN Class of 1900, Preparatory School assistant, 1901-1903
    • The Hopwoods 

      Unknown author (Pre-1903)
      The Hopwoods, prehaps by the Hopwood Tree, the classroom building in the background
    • Classroom Building 

      Thomas Photos (pre-1918 -)
      Two pictures. First is prior to fire and second is during construction on the south face after the fire in 1918.
    • Hopwood Tree 

      Unknown author (pre-1940)
      Hopwood Tree. Locust tree said to have grown from Mrs. Hopwood's horsewhip, located at southeast intersection of path from Hardin to fish pond and Classroom building to fish pond and on to south. Fell in 1930s
    • Mr. Baghy 

      New York Art Gallery (New York Art Gallery, pre-1940)
      Mr Baghy or Mr Bagly
    • Prudie Cane 

      Knaffl and Bros, Knoxville, TN (Knaffl and Bros, Knoxville, TN, pre-1940)
      Prudie Cane
    • Cordie Campbell 

      Unknown author (pre-1940)
      Cordis (Cordie) Campbell
    • Land Grant to Edmund Williams, 1782 

      State of North Carolina (1782-10)
      Edmund Williams received this land grant dated 1782 by the State of North Carolina for 640 acres of land along Buffalo Creek.
    • Wilson G. Barker 

      Unknown author (1830-1904)
      Wilson G. Barker founded Buffalo Male and Female Institute forerunner of Milligan College President 1866-1881
    • Robert Milligan 

      Unknown author (1850)
      Milligan College is named after him by Josephus Hopwood
    • Unknown Young Woman 

      Cargille's Art Gallery, JC, TN (Cargille's Art Gallery, JC, TN, 1850-1895)
      card photograph of unknown young woman "B"
    • Unknown Young Man 

      Knaffl and Bros, Knoxville, TN (Knaffl and Bros, Knoxville, TN, 1850-1895)
      card photograph of unknown young man "E"
    • Unidentified Man 

      Paul (Paul, 1850-1895)
      Unidentified man, albumen print


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