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    • Class of 1909 

      Unknown author (1909)
      MC Class of 1909. seated (L to R): George Lowder, George Bowman, Wm Issac "Boss" Williams, Shelburne Ferguson, Jim Stephens. Standing (L to R): Nell Snodgrass, Persia Owen, Anna Kelly, Rene White Anderson, Mary Sevier, ...
    • English Class 

      Unknown author (1909)
      English class in front of hopwood house. Lucius Shelburne, Maggie M Wright, Stella Lee Sutton Burleson, William Isaac Williams, Persie I Owen, Alta Agnes Carpenter, George M.R. Bowman, Carl Edward Burleson, Anna T Kelley, ...
    • Graduates 

      Unknown author (1909)
      Graduates 1909. seated (L to R): George Robert Lowder, Rene White Anderson, Wm Issac Williams, Mary Evelyn Servier, James W. Stephens. Standing (L to R): Anna T. Kelley, Persie I. Owen, George R Bowman, Jennie E Hatcher, ...
    • Group on Steps 

      Unknown author (1907-1908)
      group of students on steps of classroom building- north face. Alta Agnes Carpenter, Bird (Field), Persie I Owen, George M.R. Bowman, lucius Shelburne, Alum J. Combs, George Robert Lowder, Stella Lee (Sutton) Burleson, Carl ...


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