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    • Adventures and Abilities: A Role Playing Game 

      Curtis, Rachelle (2018-04)
    • The Big Book of Social Stories 

      Gillum, Morgan (2017-04-12)
      This is a book of social stories that address situations and scenarios of everyday life. These are designed to help children with Autism understand what is expected of them and what they can expect in these different ...
    • Caregiver Resource Guide 

      Dunaway, Amanda (2018-04)
      This resource guide is a helpful tool for 24 hour caregivers or caregivers visiting a loved one at a facility that are caring for their loved one with dementia. It outlines the brain changes, types of dementia, stages, ...
    • Coming Alongside Individual with Diverse Abilities: Using Occupational Therapy Practices to Promote Inclusion in the Church 

      Tate, Kaylee (2018-04-18)
      This project consists of resources and information on how to meet the needs of individuals with special needs in the church community. The booklet includes calming strategies, tools for effectively communicating emotions, ...
    • The ConTENT Zone: Bringing the OuTdoors In 

      Trantham, Kala (2017-04-08)
      The ConTENT Zone is designed to help children be able to self-regulate when they are having issues with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), which is important so that children can perform everyday life tasks at home, at ...
    • Cooking with Occupational Therapy 

      Alley, Melissa (2018-04-18)
      This is a pdf book version of a website I created to help people learn about cooking with occupational therapy. It covers subjects such as performance components, recipes, tips and tricks and adaptive equipment that can ...
    • Devotions for the Caregiver 

      Bouch, Sarah (2017-04-12)
      This is a 30 day devotional for caregivers of any type. Each day is fairly brief and includes a couple of verses or quotes and some thoughts from the author. On some days there are prompts to journal or reflect, and at the ...
    • The Effects of Integration Therapy on Retained Primitive Reflexes 

      Jackson, Ashlyn (2020-03)
      For this study, I researched the effects of occupational therapy in integrating retained primitive reflexes to determine if it improves attention span, visual perception tasks, posture during handwriting, and performance ...
    • Empowering People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities to Teach Others 

      Fox, Lauren (2018-04)
      This is a guide for anyone working with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) to enable these individuals to teach skills to others. People with IDD have talents and skills to share with others ...
    • Enhancing an Autistic Child’s Daily Reality Using Virtual Reality: The Benefits of Incorporating Virtual Reality in Occupational Therapy 

      Koch, Bram (2021-12-07)
      Autism spectrum disorder can drastically affect the social skills of people. There are several standard treatment methods used in the clinical setting of occupational therapy. Interestingly, there is potential for occupational ...
    • "Have You Taken Your Meditation Today" Kit 

      Golden, Kallie (2016-04)
      A meditation kit for occupational therapists and other like minded professionals to use with their clients.
    • Healing Through a Story: How Occupational Therapy Creates Meaning Through the Grief Process 

      Cambron, Faith (2018-04-18)
      As an occupational therapy Expo Project, this book was written in collaboration with Kathryn Schneider in memory of her adoptive daughter, Eiris Hosanna. The occupational therapy student used the writing process of this ...
    • Healing Through Grief 

      Mullins, Kacie (2018-04)
      This is an active devotional to help people through the grieving process. It has devotions based off of different emotions that people can experience when they are grieving.
    • Helping Miracles Happen 

      Unknown author (Milligan College, 2016-12)
      This is a feature story about Kelli Scott, a pediatric occupational therapist and 2003 Milligan College Master of Science in Occupational Therapy graduate, who has made helping others her lifelong commitment.
    • Horsin' Around 

      Ogle, Lindsey (2016-04)
      "Horsin' Around" incorporates sensory movements into a life-size board game. Players will ride on stick horses of varying weights and textures while they perform sensory movements on each tile space they land on. Included ...
    • How To: Make Plarn and Crochet Bed Mat 

      Statzer, Jessica (Jessica Statzer, 2018-05-02)
      Make a sleeping mat for a homeless individual by collecting plastic grocery bags to cut and crochet.
    • I Feel Better When I'm Dancing 

      Fleming, Katelyn (2016)
      Dancing provides many great benefits to occupational therapy. The DVD titled I Feel Better When I’m Dancing contains six different dances that can be easily utilized in practice. Each dance on the DVD is taught through ...
    • Lates Shuffleboard Fine Motor Fun 

      Lates, William (2017-04-12)
      This game was created to be a tabletop version of the game shuffleboard, and is played very similarly to the games Crokinole or Carrom. The game is played by flicking, sliding, or tossing pieces around the board, aiming ...
    • The Living Puzzles 

      Hay, Brandi (2017-04-12)
      The living puzzles are three puzzles that were manufactured out of pictures that I personally have taken. I had my pictures manufactured into three different size puzzles with varying piece counts: one is 8 inches by 10 ...
    • Living Well with Lymphedema 

      Moore, Lindsay (2017-04-21)
      A workbook for individuals who are experiencing psychosocial challenges commonly seen with lymphedema.


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