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    • Sarah Barker 

      Unknown author (1868)
      Sarah Glenn Lyon Barker m. Wilson G. Barker d. Fed. 19, 1870, 7 children
    • Sherod Stanfill 

      Mattern, Frankfort, KY (Mattern, Frankfort, KY, 1890)
      Sherod Stanfill
    • Sidney Shawver 

      Unknown author (Unknown)
      Sidney Shawver, died of pneumonia 1883- 20 yrs old. Tazwell, VA
    • Sidney Stanfill 

      S.A. Bob (S.A. Bob, 1890)
      Sideny Stanfill
    • Sue Belle 

      Cargille's Art Gallery, JC, TN (Cargille's Art Gallery, JC, TN, pre-1900)
      Sue Belle (Brummett) Bell, Dry Creek, TN Class of 1900, Preparatory School assistant, 1901-1903
    • Tom Larwater 

      Unknown author (1921-1940)
      Mr. Tom Larwater; Trustee M.C.
    • Two Girls 

      Unknown author (undated)
      Two Girls
    • Two Women 

      Unknown author (undated)
      Two Women
    • U.S. Grant Jarvis and Wife 

      C. H. Johnson Travelling Art (C. H. Johnson Travelling Art, 1890)
      U.S. Grant Jarvis and Wife. Superintendent, Hancock County Sneedville, TN student of Buffalo Institute 1866-1881
    • Unidentified Baby 

      Unknown author (1880)
      unidentified baby, mirroring gelatin silver prints
    • Unidentified Man 

      Mr. Daniel (Mr. Daniel, 1880)
      unidentified man, photo made by mirroring gelatin silver prints
    • Unidentified Man 

      Paul (Paul, 1850-1895)
      Unidentified man, albumen print
    • Unidentified Man 

      T.J. Farmer (T.J. Farmer, 1850-1895)
      unidentified man. Class of 1894, albumen print
    • Unidentified woman 

      Unknown author (undated)
      To Mary Jane- with love from the girl shall never see again. S.W.
    • Unidentified Woman and Child 

      Ferrell (Ferrell, pre-1900)
      unidentified woman and child
    • Unidentified Young Girl 

      Baker's (Baker's, 1900)
      unidentified young girl
    • Unidentified Young Lady 

      Baker's (Baker's, Pre-1900)
      unidentified young lady
    • Unidentified Young Man 

      Cargille and Hodges (1850-1895)
      Unidentified young man, albumen print
    • Unidentified Young man 

      J.A. Cargill and W.K. Hodges (J.A. Cargill and W.K. Hodges, 1850-1895)
      Unidentified young man possibly W.D. Sutton, albumen print
    • Unidentified Young Women 

      S.A. Bob (S.A. Bob, 1850-1895)
      card photograph of unknown young woman "A"


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