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    • William H. Book 

      Unknown author (1902)
      William H. Book
    • William H. Young 

      Unknown author (undated)
      W.H. Young founder First Christian, Johnson City
    • William Kite 

      Unknown author (1884)
      William Anderson Kite, Milligan College Vice President, mathematics, geology, german 1881-1884
    • Willie Tabor 

      Cargille's Art Gallery, JC, TN (Cargille's Art Gallery, JC, TN, 1897-1900)
      Willie Godby Tabor (Mrs. J.W. Tabor) taught shorthand
    • Wilson Barker 

      Unknown author (1882-1900)
      Wilson G. Baker founder of Buffalo Male and Female Institute forerunner of MC 1866-1881. Lived in Brunswick. MO 1884-1894
    • Wilson G. Barker 

      Unknown author (1830-1904)
      Wilson G. Barker founded Buffalo M and F Institute forerunner of Milligan College President 1866-1881


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