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    • Administration Building 

      unknown (circa 1913)
      Old Administration Building, circa 1913-1917
    • Administration Building after the fire 

      unknown (2018)
      The old Administration Building after the fire, circa 1918
    • Badge for the 1950 International Convention of Disciples of Christ 

      Unknown author (International Convention of Disciples of Christ, 1950-10)
      Mildred Welshimer's badge for the 1950 International Convention of Disciples of Christ where she represented Milligan College.
    • Buffalo Creek, c. 1977 

      Unknown author (1977)
      Students sit beside Buffalo Creek, c. 1977.
    • Buffalo Male and Female Institute circular, 1878 

      Unknown author (1878)
      This Buffalo Male and Female Institute circular would have been distributed prior to September 2, 1878, announcing the school term of fall 1878. On this circular, Josephus and Sarah Eleanor Hopwood are noted as principals ...
    • Buffalo Mountain 

      Unknown author (undated)
      View of Buffalo Mountain from Milligan College.
    • Correspondence from Henry Derthick to Josephus Hopwood about the fire, 1918 

      Derthick, Henry J (1918-11-19)
      Correspondence to Josephus Hopwood from Henry Derthick discussing the fire and the vision for the future, 1918
    • Correspondence from the United States Food Administration to Josephus Hopwood 

      Hoover, Herbert (1918-10-21)
      Correspondence to the president of Milligan (mistakenly thought to still be Josephus Hopwood) from Herbert Hoover, the head of the Food Administration, 1918
    • The Derthicks 

      unknown (2018)
      Henry J. and Perlea Derthick, with son, Roger, circa 1917 (thanks for identification and dating to Clinton J. Holloway, Scholarship, Community, Faith: Milligan Celebrates 150 Years, Milligan College, 2015, p. 24)
    • During rebuilding of classroom building following fire, 1918 

      unknown (1918)
      Campus after the fire, 1918. Note the barracks in the foreground.
    • Emmanuel Christian Seminary, c. 1970s 

      Unknown author (1970)
      Students walking into Emmanuel School of Religion (now Emmanuel Christian Seminary at Milligan College), c. 1970s.
    • The Era of Christian Reform 

      Unknown author (1878)
      This illustration shows one hundred and fifteen leaders of the Campbell’s American Reform Movement. Robert Milligan can be seen standing in the section labeled “one hope.” This is a copy of the original lithograph in the ...
    • Freshmen Week, 1969 

      Unknown author (1969-09)
      Freshmen students wearing dinks and beanies walking by Milligan’s entrance and Post Office during Freshmen Week, September 1969.
    • Freshmen Week, 1969 

      Unknown author (1969-09)
      Freshmen students wearing traditional orange and black dinks and beanies during Freshmen Week, September 1969.
    • Group of students, c. 1947 

      Unknown author (1947)
      A group of students stand in front of the Administration Building (Derthick Hall), c. 1947
    • How Do We Develop Leadership/Consensus In Our Movement? 

      Webb, Henry E. (undated)
      This article by Henry E. Webb addresses Christian unity in the Stone-Campbell Movement tradition.
    • Josephus Hopwood, c. 1903 

      Unknown author (c. 1903)
      In the early 1870s, Josephus Hopwood attended the College of the Bible at Kentucky University, where he studied under Robert Milligan and J. W. McGarvey. Both Milligan and McGarvey were prominent Disciples of Christ leaders ...
    • Land Grant to Edmund Williams, 1782 

      State of North Carolina (1782-10)
      Edmund Williams received this land grant dated 1782 by the State of North Carolina for 640 acres of land along Buffalo Creek.
    • Library 

      unknown (circa 1917)
      Library in the old Administration Building, from the 1917 yearbook.
    • May Day, 1954 

      Unknown author (1954)
      A May Day Court procession, 1954. King and Queen of May, Leonard Gallimore and Betty Jeanne Snodgrass.


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