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dc.contributor.authorState of North Carolina
dc.description.abstractEdmund Williams received this land grant dated 1782 by the State of North Carolina for 640 acres of land along Buffalo Creek.en_US
dc.description.abstractEdmund Williams was appointed Justice for Washington County in 1787. There are two different accounts of Edmund Williams on whether or not he served in the King’s Mountain Battle of the Revolutionary War on October 7, 1780. One account says he was at Kings Mountain and that he succeeded to command when his brother fell. Another account claims that he was not at Kings Mountain but stayed home to protect women and children against Native Americans. Edmund married Lucretia Adams and they had eight children: George, Archibald, John Linsey, Samuel Humphries, Joshua, Trirphena, Sarah Adams and Louvenia. George married Rebecca Taylor in 1790. On December 28, 1796 Archibald married Rebecca’s sister, Rhoda Taylor. Both Rebecca and Rhoda were daughters of Andrew Taylor, who was an early settler on Buffalo Creek and worked as a tax assessor for Washington County, North Carolina.
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dc.titleLand Grant to Edmund Williams, 1782en_US

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