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dc.contributor.authorGouge, Ethan
dc.descriptionMaster of Education (M.Ed.) Thesis
dc.description.abstractThe purpose of this study was to determine the relationship between in class assignments and homework assignments on student achievement in 8th grade math classes. The sample consisted of 22 male and 10 female 8th grade math students at T. A. Dugger Middle School in Elizabethton, TN. Data were collected using Power School computer based assessments. The students were administered a test after being taught a unit on congruence in geometry where class time was given to complete an individual assignment which was graded for participation. Next, the students were tested after being taught a unit on similarity in geometry where no class time was given for an individual assignment but instead sent home for homework. The assignment was then graded for correctness. The data were analyzed using paired samples T-tests. The results indicated no significant difference between the in class and homework assignments (t(3 l )= 1.038, P>.05). Similarly, there was no significant difference between IEP student performance on academic achievement ((11 )=0.603, P>.05). The results suggest the type of grading and setting on the assignment may not have as much effect on student achievement as previously thought.en_US
dc.subjectIn-class assignmenten_US
dc.subjectParticipation gradeen_US
dc.subjectSpecial Educationen_US
dc.subjectMaster of Education (M.Ed.) Thesis
dc.titleThe Relationship Between In Class Assignments and Homework Assignments on Student Achievement in 8th Grade Math Classesen_US

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