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    • The Era of Christian Reform 

      Unknown author (1878)
      This illustration shows one hundred and fifteen leaders of the Campbell’s American Reform Movement. Robert Milligan can be seen standing in the section labeled “one hope.” This is a copy of the original lithograph in the ...
    • The New Testament Church Pattern 

      Unknown author (First Christian Church, New Castle, Pennsylvania, 1946)
      This pamphlet contains two sermons Pearl Howard "P. H." Welshimer delivered at the Annual Convention of the Disciples of Christ in Pennsylvania. The first sermon talks about the church and what constitutes the church. He ...
    • Badge for the 1950 International Convention of Disciples of Christ 

      Unknown author (International Convention of Disciples of Christ, 1950-10)
      Mildred Welshimer's badge for the 1950 International Convention of Disciples of Christ where she represented Milligan College.
    • Pearl Howard "P. H." Welshimer 

      Unknown author (1951)
      Photo of P. H. Welshimer.
    • How Do We Develop Leadership/Consensus In Our Movement? 

      Webb, Henry E. (undated)
      This article by Henry E. Webb addresses Christian unity in the Stone-Campbell Movement tradition.
    • The Nineteen Hundredth Anniversary of Pentecost 

      Kershner, Frederick D. (Anniversary of Pentecost Committee, undated)
      This pamphlet talks about Pentecost and what it means to Christians. It gives the history of Pentecost and the approximate year that the 1900th anniversary would be. It also focuses on Christian unity. It talks about how ...


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