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dc.contributor.authorSheppard, Kate
dc.description.abstractVermillion County, Indiana, suffers from a severe lack of healthcare resources that are essential in providing a healthy lifestyle for the people who live there. Healthcare is compromised by many factors including healthcare illiteracy, lack of healthcare affordability, accessibility, and availability. Vermillion County also lacks specialist doctors who are essential in providing care for specific diseases and conditions that cannot be treated in a short-term care facility. The poverty rate only exacerbates the inferiority of the healthcare status of the residents of Vermillion County. The cost of hospital and doctor visits without insurance, the lack of transportation to and from doctor appointments or the emergency department, and the lack of funds for medications and treatments as a result of the poverty rate makes healthcare even less obtainable. I plan to identify what can be done in Vermillion County in terms of availability, accessibility, and affordability to reconcile the healthcare system and to improve healthcare as a whole in Vermillion County, Indiana.en_US
dc.subjectHealthcare, ruralen_US
dc.subject2018 Sophomore Research Conference
dc.titleServing the Underserved: Reconciling Healthcare Needs and Availability in Vermillion County, Indianaen_US
dc.typeWorking Paperen_US

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