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    • Wonderful Wednesday 1969 

      Buffalo staff (1969)
      1969 Buffalo yearbook documenting the first Wonderful Wednesday.
    • Wonderful Wednesday 1969 

      unknown (1969-04-30)
      The tradition of Wonderful Wednesday began on April 30, 1969. President Jess W. Johnson made a proclamation on the Seeger Memorial Chapel steps stating that students would not have classes that day. Notice how some of the ...
    • Wonderful Wednesday 1969 News Release 

      unknown (1969-04-30)
      Milligan College press release for the first Wonderful Wednesday
    • "Wonderful Wednesday" Stampede May 4, 1973 

      unknown (1973-05-04)
      May 4, 1973 Stampede newspaper. This year because of awful weather Wonderful Wednesday was cancelled for that school year.
    • Wonderful Wednesday 1978 

      unknown (1978)
      This a picture from the 1978 Wonderful Wednesday. Notice a young Jim Dahlman, wearing the shirt that says “Rustics,” participating in an obstacle course as a student at Milligan.
    • Wonderful Wednesday Students 

      unknown (1980)
      This is a Wonderful Wednesday picture from the 1980s.
    • "Wonderful Wednesday on Thursday" Stampede 1981 

      Jones, David (1981-05)
      May 1981 Stampede. On this year Wonderful Wednesday was on a Thursday.
    • Wonderful Wednesday 1984 "Terrific Tuesday" 

      unknown (1984)
      This is a picture of a student enjoying herself during the 1978 Wonderful Wednesday which was on a Tuesday.
    • Wonderful Wednesday 1988 

      John Derry (1988-04-18)
      The theme of Wonderful Wednesday 1988 was “High Expectations”. Students woke up that morning with a letter from the Dean of Students, John Derry, stating that Wonderful Wednesday was on Marvelous Monday that year. Notice ...
    • Wonderful Wednesday 1990 

      White, Jennifer (1990)
      1990 Buffalo yearbook. You can see the description on the page of the activities that took place, as well as the pictures with their own descriptions that tell what’s going on.
    • Wonderful Wednesday 1992 

      Buffalo staff (1992)
      1992 Buffalo yearbook. This year’s theme for Wonderful Wednesday was “The Greatest Show on Earth”. Of special note is the picture of Dr. Leggett and Dean Weedman participating in the Jell-O wrestling competition.
    • Wonderful Wednesday 1999 

      Buffalo staff (1999-04-12)
      1999 Buffalo yearbook. This year’s theme was “European Vacation”. Some of the activities included a Bavarian egg toss, a German race down the Autobahn (aka Sutton hill), and a Paris Seine River Run. Note President Bill ...
    • Wonderful Wednesday 2004 

      unknown (2004)
      The theme for 2004’s Wonderful Wednesday was “Welcome to Hollywood”. Notice how this year was different than the normal Wonderful Wednesday: the activities started in the evening and continued on through the next day.
    • Wonderful Wednesday 2008 

      Buffalo staff (2008-04-21)
      2008 Buffalo yearbook. The theme this year was “Wonderful Wok Day”. The day consisted of a noodle eating contest, a faculty/staff hunt called the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, a competition of who can last the longest ...
    • Wonderful Wednesday 2015 

      Buffalo staff (2015)
      2015 Buffalo yearbook. In 2015 the theme for Wonderful Wednesday was “Disney Day”. As you can tell from the photos students were very happy with the theme and outcome of the day.
    • Wonderful Wednesday 

      unknown (undated)
      Photo of Wonderful Wednesday from 1970s-1980s


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