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    • American Literary Society 

      unknown (1898)
      American Literary Society, ca. 1899-1900
    • Class of 1887 

      unknown (1887)
      Class of 1887. Identified Standing (L to R) Edward Clinton Wilson, Leatitia (Lottie) Cornforth; Sitting (L to R) James W. Giles, Eugene M. Crouch
    • Class of 1894 

      unknown (1894)
      Class of 1894- Presented to Professor and Mrs. Hopwood by J.P. Givens and W.I. Shelburne. Identified: Dr. Wm. Johnson Matthews, William I. Shelburne
    • Class of 1898 

      unknown (1898)
      Class of 1898; Identified: Seated (L to R) Thomas M. Sells, Emma Hart Johnson; Standing (L to R) Elbert Anderson, Charles D Hart, Walter Price
    • Class of 1900 

      unknown (1900)
      Class of 1900
    • Class of Girls c. 1891 

      unknown (1891)
      "Aunt Betty Cox's Class" ca. 1891. Identified: Emma E.R. Ellis, Elizabeth Eve (Matthews) Cox. Donated by Mildred Kozsuch
    • Daddy's Class of 1894 

      unknown (1894)
      "Daddy's Class," ca. 1894. Donated by Mildred Kozsuch
    • Frances E. Willard Chapter of Women's Christian Temperance Union 

      unknown (1900-1903)
      Frances E Willard Chapter of Women's Christian Temperance Union. Identified: Annie McPhersons, Cordela Hopwood, Carrie Hopwood, Myrtle McPherson
    • Group of Men 

      unknown (1897-1899)
      Group of men, ca. 1897; Hopwood House in rear, Classroom building on right; Identified: Landon Bell
    • Group of Milligan College Students 

      unknown (1899-1901)
      Group of students, ca. 1899-1901; Identified: Sallie Wade Davis, Gideon O. Davis, Lew Sue Ben, Willie Godby Taylor, James S. Thomas; Donated by Dennis Helsabeck Sr.
    • Group of people in front of north face of classroom building 

      unknown (1889-1891)
      Group in front of classroom building, ca. 1889-1891. Identified: Mrs. Eleanor LaRue Hopwood in center, standing linked arms with two young ladies
    • Milligan College group when Dove Garner Garse was in college 

      unknown (1900-1903)
      Identified: Mr. and Mrs. Davis, Mrs. Hopwood, Lew Sue Ben, James S. Thomas. Donated by Lynchburg College
    • Milligan College music ensemble of 1892 

      unknown (1892)
      Music ensemble, ca. 1892
    • Mrs. Davis' Music Class 

      X (1899)
      Mrs. Davis Music Class, c. 1899. Identified: Professor Thomas, Carrie Hart Elliott, Mrs. Davis, Professor Davis
    • Student Body c. 1897-98 

      unknown (1897-1898)
      Mrs. Hopwood seated 2nd from left, Mr. Hopwood standing behind, flanked by Gideon Davis (L) and Rufus Garrett (R)
    • Student Literary Society 

      unknown (1900)
      Student Literary Society, ca. 1899-1901. Lew Sue Ben, standing 2nd from left
    • Willie Godby Tabor's Shorthand Class 

      unknown (1897)
      Identified: Mrs. J.W. Tabor, Sally Master, W.D. Sutton


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