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dc.coverage.spatialMilligan College, TN
dc.description.abstractBoy in Foreground unidentified (Bob Taylor) First row: 1. C.W. Tabor 2. Joe Clark 3. Tom Whitehead 4. Park Chapman 5. Sam J. Hyder 6. Larry Powers 7. Byrl White 8. Logan Garrett 9.. Elmer Munson 10. Ned Athey 11. Bynum Taylor 12. Bill Seagraves 13. Howard Trussler Second Row: 1. G. Tollie Thomas 2. Joe Crouch 3. Kirby Smithen_US
dc.rightsThis image may be viewed, downloaded, and printed for personal and educational use, but any commercial use is prohibited without permission from Milligan University. Questions may be directed to
dc.sourceSeries: Early Photographs
dc.sourceFolder: 1911-1920
dc.subjectHyder, Samen_US
dc.subjectCrouch, Joeen_US
dc.subjectAmerican Literary Society
dc.subjectTaylor, Robert “Bob”
dc.subjectTabor, Clinton
dc.subjectClark, Joseph
dc.subjectWhitehead, Thomas
dc.subjectChapman, D. Park
dc.subjectPowers, Larry
dc.subjectWhite, John Byrl
dc.subjectGarrett, Logan
dc.subjectMunson, Elmer
dc.subjectAthey, Ned
dc.subjectTaylor, Bynum
dc.subjectSeagraves, William
dc.subjectThomas, G. Tollie
dc.subjectSmith, Kirby
dc.subjectTrussler, Howard
dc.titleAmerican Literary Societyen_US

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