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    • Unidentified Man 

      T.J. Farmer (T.J. Farmer, 1850-1895)
      unidentified man. Class of 1894, albumen print
    • Unidentified Young Lady 

      Baker's (Baker's, Pre-1900)
      unidentified young lady
    • Clarence Sweet and George Sutton 

      Cargille's Art Gallery, JC, TN (Cargille's Art Gallery, JC, TN, 1882-1900)
      Left: Clarence Sweet Right: George Mack Sutton, in MC 1902 "after mama married 1903".
    • May Day Play 

      Unknown author (1882-1900)
      May Day play given at end of school year, Dresses of White Organdy. Olive Garrett at extreme right
    • Milligan College 

      Unknown author (1882-1900)
      Overlooking Buffalo Creek to west to Buffalo Mtn.


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