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    • Group of people in front of north face of classroom building 

      unknown (1889-1891)
      Group in front of classroom building, ca. 1889-1891. Identified: Mrs. Eleanor LaRue Hopwood in center, standing linked arms with two young ladies
    • Willie Godby Tabor's Shorthand Class 

      unknown (1897)
      Identified: Mrs. J.W. Tabor, Sally Master, W.D. Sutton
    • Group of Men 

      unknown (1897-1899)
      Group of men, ca. 1897; Hopwood House in rear, Classroom building on right; Identified: Landon Bell
    • Group of Milligan College Students 

      unknown (1899-1901)
      Group of students, ca. 1899-1901; Identified: Sallie Wade Davis, Gideon O. Davis, Lew Sue Ben, Willie Godby Taylor, James S. Thomas; Donated by Dennis Helsabeck Sr.
    • Robert L. Taylor 

      unknown (1886)
      Robert L. Taylor: Milligan Student 1869-1871, Governor of Tennessee 1896


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