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dc.contributor.advisorDula, Mark
dc.creatorPhelps, Jayna
dc.description.abstractThis qualitative research study sought to gauge the satisfaction of the induction and mentoring process received by new teachers in an upper East Tennessee school district. The sample consisted of eight teachers from three elementary schools and two secondary schools. The teachers selected had six or fewer years of teaching experience. The research was guided by four research questions and data were collected using Google Meet interviews with participants. The data collected were used to determine how prepared new teachers felt in the classroom, what kind of support they felt they received, how they perceived communication from administration, and what needs they felt were unfilled. The data revealed teachers in this district did not feel prepared when they first entered the classroom, with three common themes emerging. These were insufficient pre-service preparedness, a lack of formal induction process by the district, and a lack of rules and procedures training at the school level. Data further determined that no support was given regarding stressful situations in the classroom. Also, new teachers felt that their support came primarily from their peers. Regarding satisfaction level with administration, one common theme observed from the data was that communication and support by the administration were directly related to the participating teachers' satisfaction level. A major conclusion of the research yielded two themes regarding the unfulfilled needs of new teachers: mentor input and support, as well as observational feedback from administration and lead teachers. With proactive attention to these needs, a strategy can be put in place to create a formal induction and mentoring process for new teachers.en_US
dc.subjectTeachers, newen_US
dc.subjectTeachers, new -- inductionen_US
dc.subjectTeachers, new -- mentoringen_US
dc.subjectTeachers, new -- satisfactionen_US
dc.titleThe Satisfaction of New Teachers with Induction and Mentoring in a Local School Systemen_US

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