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Beauford Bryant Papers, 1893, 1933-1997, undated


The Helsabeck Archives of the Stone-Campbell Movement
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Bryant, Beauford


Beauford Bryant Papers, 1893, 1933-1997, undated

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Beauford Bryant was a long-time professor at Emmanuel School of Religion (now Emmanuel Christian Seminary at Milligan University). This collection of his papers includes his college and seminary notes and papers, his teaching notes, and many personal items.

Biographical Note:

Beauford Harding Bryant was born on June 8, 1923 in Chatham, Virginia. After spending his childhood growing up on the family farm, Bryant attended Johnson Bible College (now Johnson University) from 1939 to 1943, graduating with a B.A. He then went on to seminary at Phillips University in Enid, Oklahoma, from 1943 to 1946, where he earned both an M.A. and a B.D. (Bachelor of Divinity). He also studied at Chicago, Princeton, Union Theological Seminary (Richmond, Virginia), University of Edinburgh, Tübingen, and Oxford throughout the 1940s and 1950s. Bryant was also preaching and ministering during this time. He received his Ph.D. in 1957. He came to Milligan College (now Milligan University) to teach in 1956 and, after Emmanuel School of Religion (now Emmanuel Christian Seminary at Milligan University) was established, he taught there until 1994. He was also a long-time minister at Oak Grove Christian Church near Milligan during the 1950s and 1960s. After meeting Dorothy Larson at Milligan, Bryant and Larson were married at Oak Grove Christian Church in 1965. They had two children, Susan and John. Bryant passed away in 1997.

This information came from The Life and Preaching of Dr. Beauford H. Bryant: Homiletical Lessons from the Gospel According to John by Eric David Thomason (Johnson City, TN: Emmanuel School of Religion, 2002). For a more in-depth biography of Bryant, consult this source.


The papers of Beauford H. Bryant were presumably brought to the Helsabeck Archives in 2002, as the boxes were labelled with the date 6-10-2002. Some folders were labelled, but many items were in binders. All items were transferred to acid-free folders and arranged into five series. Some items were removed, including blank pieces of paper, duplicates, and binders. The binders were in very poor condition due to rust and age and so had to be removed.

The papers are divided into five series: I. Series: Student Work, 1939-1972, undated; II. Series: Teaching, 1961-1995, undated; III. Series: General Files, 1893-1996, undated; IV. Series: Personal, 1933-1997, undated; and V. Series Photos, 1947-1967, undated. The Student Work series is arranged chronologically, and then alphabetically within those years with the exception of some papers written by Bryant that he numbered. The Teaching Work series is arranged in Bible order, with Old Testament in general and then books of the Old Testament and the same order for the New Testament. After that, the series is arranged in alphabetical order. The General Files, Personal, and Photos series are arranged in alphabetical order. Some items were removed due to student information and are physically placed at the end of all the series, but are intellectually placed with their series.

Scope and Content Note:

The papers of Beauford Bryant are arranged into five series: Student Work, Teaching Work, General Files, Personal, and Photos.

The Student Work series spans 1939 to 1972 and contains undated material. This series contains material, including notes and papers, from Bryant’s schooling. Most of the material is from his years at Johnson Bible College (now Johnson University) and Phillips University.

The Teaching series spans 1961 to 1995 and contains undated material. This series contains Bryant’s teaching notes on many subjects, mostly from his teaching at Emmanuel. A few items need to be restricted because of student data – these are marked in the folder list and have been physically removed to the end of the boxes.

The General Files series spans 1893 to 1996 and contains undated material. This series contains files that did not fit well in other series.

The Personal series spans 1933 to 1997 and contains undated material. This series contains biographical information including a folder on the Bryant genealogy, certificates from Bryant’s school days, and financial documents.

The Photos series spans 1947 to 1967 and contains undated material. This series contains many photos and Bryant’s passport.

Administrative Information

Acquisition Information:

Accession 2002-001

Access Restrictions:

Collection is open for research. Certain items are restricted due to FERPA and have been removed to separate folders. These folders are marked in red below and filed at the end of the boxes.

The archivist reserves the right to determine on a case-by-case basis if certain folders within the collection that have been requested for viewing cannot be made available due to various restriction compliance, including but not limited to student information, private personal information, and organizational information of a restricted nature.

Preferred Citation:

[Item], Beauford Bryant Papers, Collection HSC0011, The Helsabeck Archives of the Stone-Campbell Movement, Emmanuel Christian Seminary Library, Johnson City, TN.

Processing Information:

Processed by Katherine N. Banks

Completed in 2023

Folder List

Box 1

I. Series: Student Work, 1939-1972, undated

  • 8th Paper, 1939

  • Class Notes, 1941, undated

  • I & II Thessalonians, 1941

  • Galatians, 1941

  • I & II Corinthians, 1942

  • Prison Epistles, 1942, undated

  • The Pentateuch, 1942

  • The Johannine Literature, 1942

  • The Authorship, Date, and Credibility of the Pentateuch, 1942

  • The Former Prophets, Joshua, Judges, 1942

  • I & II Samuel and I & II Kings, 1942

  • I & II Chronicles, Ezra-Nehemiah, 1942

  • Old Testament Introduction, 1942-1943

  • Questions on Mark, 1942, undated

  • Romans, 1942-1946, undated

  • A Survey of the Priest, Prophet, and King in the Old Testament, 1943

  • A Survey of the Prophet in the Old Testament, 1943

  • A Survey of the Kingship in the Old Testament, 1943

  • The Writing Prophets of the Eighth Century, 1943

  • Prophets of the Assyrian Period – Isaiah and Micah, 1943

  • Prophets of the Chaldean Period, 1943, undated

  • The Exilic Prophets – Ezekiel and Daniel – and the Post-Exilic Prophets – Haggai, Zechariah, and Malachi, 1943

  • Acts of the Apostles, 1943

  • The Apostolic Church, 1943-1944

  • Old Testament Introduction, 1943

  • Philosophy, 1943

  • Restoration Movement, 1943-1963, undated

  • Old Testament Seminar, 1944

  • Philosophy of Jesus, 1944

  • Church History, 1945-1949

  • Life of Christ Notebook, 1945

  • Deuteronomy, 1946

  • The Institutions of the Hebrews, 1946

  • John, 1946, undated

  • John, 1946

  • New Testament Interpretation of History, 1946

  • Contemporary Theological Trends in Continental Theology, 1947

Box 2

  • Old Testament Biblical Theology, 1947

  • Old Testament Theology, 1947

  • Study Questions for John, 1949, undated

  • Class Notes, 1965-1972, undated

  • I & II Samuel, I & Kings, I & II Chronicles, undated

  • General Principles for the Interpretation of Prophecy, undated

  • Homiletics, undated

  • Intertestamental Period, undated

  • Matthew, undated

  • The Pastor and His Sermon, undated

  • Prophetical Books, undated

II. Series: Teaching, 1961-1995, undated

  • Old Testament Survey, 1968

  • Prophets, 1961-1967, undated

  • New Testament Ethics, 1978-1989

  • New Testament Ethics – Glen Miles, 1987

  • New Testament Introduction, 1980-1984, undated

  • New Testament Introduction – RESTRICTED, 1983-1992, undated

  • New Testament Introduction, 1989-1993, undated

  • New Testament Introduction, undated

  • New Testament Introduction Final Examination, undated

  • New Testament Survey, undated

Box 3

  • Theology of the New Testament, 1967-1995, undated

  • Theology of the New Testament, undated

  • The Gospel According to Matthew, 1988, undated

  • John, 1983-1995, undated

  • John – RESTRICTED, undated

  • John – Student Work, undated

  • Acts, 1969-1986, undated

  • Acts – RESTRICTED, 1976-1977

  • Acts, 1990, undated

  • Romans and Galatians, 1977-1989, undated

  • Romans and Galatians – RESTRICTED, 1990, undated

  • I & II Corinthians, 1968-1988, undated

  • I & II Corinthians – RESTRICTED, 1987

  • I & II Corinthians, undated

  • Prison Epistles, 1975

  • Prison Epistles – RESTRICTED, 1975

  • Hebrews and James, undated

  • I & II Peter and Jude, 1981, undated

  • Revelation, 1969-1978, undated

  • Advanced Greek, 1985-1986

  • Archaeology and the New Testament, 1968-1969, undated

Box 4

  • Milligan College, undated

III. Series: General Files, 1893-1996, undated

  • At the Right Time by Jerome R. Johnson, 1996

  • Baptism, undated

  • Bible Charts, undated

  • Charts, undated

  • A Chronology of the Acts of the Apostles by Cecil Kermit Thomas, 1938

  • Church and Leadership, 1967-1978

  • The Eldership Pamphlet by Paul G. Preston, undated

  • Fiftieth Anniversary Class, Johnson Bible College, 1943

  • The Holy Spirit, undated

  • Junior Bible, undated

  • List of Contents (unknown book), undated

  • Mildred Phillips Obituary, 1983

  • New Testament Word List, 1893

  • Notebook, undated

  • Reading Notes, undated

  • Scholars’ Choice, 1960-1965

  • Scholars’ Choice, 1966-1976

  • Sermon Schedules and Forms, 1945

  • Speeches, 1989, undated

  • A Survey of Christian Doctrine by Georges P. Carillet, 1982

  • Theology Publications, 1962-1969

IV. Series: Personal, 1933-1997, undated

  • Bryant Genealogy, 1980-1997, undated

  • Certificates, 1933-1939

  • Check Ledgers, 1975-1978

  • Diary and Address Book, 1951, undated

  • Financial Ledgers, 1946-1973

Box 5

  • Johnson Bible College Homecoming Program, 1962

  • Oak Grove Christian Church Bulletin, 1968

  • “Ode to a B.D. Candidate” Poem, undated

  • Phillipian Yearbook, 1946

  • Press Clippings, 1959-1967

  • Professional Library of B. H. Bryant, undated

  • Receipts, 1950-1956

V. Series: Photos, 1947-1967, undated

  • Assorted Photos, 1947-1967, undated

  • Passport, 1950

  • Photo Book and Memorabilia, 1952-1963, undated

All restricted files are physically stored at this point in Box 5

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