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    • Superhero T-Stool 

      Moncier, Daniel (2017-04-20)
      The superhero t-stool is designed produce vestibular (movement) input while a pediatric client needs to be in a seated position. In addition to providing vestibular input, the stool also requires activation of core muscles ...
    • Living Well with Lymphedema 

      Moore, Lindsay (2017-04-21)
      A workbook for individuals who are experiencing psychosocial challenges commonly seen with lymphedema.
    • Plink-OT 

      Hawley, Erin (2017-04-21)
      This document is an instruction guide to recreate and use the Plink-OT board created for the 2017 occupational therapy expo.
    • Personalized & Portable OT Activity Case 

      Severt, Jordyn (2018)
    • Yoga with Gillian 

      Roberson, Sarah (2018)
      This project was designed for Gillian, a now 6 year old, who was born premature. It contains a Mickey Mouse themed individualized picture book for her to use to do yoga. It also includes a guide yoga book for her mom to ...
    • Mrs. Kibelbek's Wiggel Worm Kit 

      Keys, Lindsey (2018-03)
      This is an idea that I brought over from the graduate project that I did this year called, On The Move for Success. It is all about allowing kids to have movement breaks to increase their attention, focus, and improve ...
    • Sprouting Hope at Knollwood Manor 

      Ballou, Rebecca (2018-03-12)
      This project is a raised garden table built for Knollwood Manor Nursing Home. It is portable as well as waterproof, allowing residents to garden year round. The table is also wheelchair accessible. In this submission, you ...
    • Healing Through Grief 

      Mullins, Kacie (2018-04)
      This is an active devotional to help people through the grieving process. It has devotions based off of different emotions that people can experience when they are grieving.
    • Sense We Matter- Making the Community Sensory Friendly 

      Odom, Vanessa (2018-04)
      A community wide program implemented to make businesses aware of Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD). Children or adults with SPD can be sensitive to light, sounds, textures, and other sensory input. If you see this logo ...
    • Shake and Shuffle 

      Johnston, Sarah (2018-04)
      For as long as I can remember, my father has always loved music. He enjoys listening to music, dancing to the music, and attending events that involve music. His Parkinson’s disease has taken away a lot of what he loves ...
    • Empowering People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities to Teach Others 

      Fox, Lauren (2018-04)
      This is a guide for anyone working with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) to enable these individuals to teach skills to others. People with IDD have talents and skills to share with others ...
    • Adventures and Abilities: A Role Playing Game 

      Curtis, Rachelle (2018-04)
    • Photography, Emotions, & OT 

      Wilson, Megan (2018-04)
    • Caregiver Resource Guide 

      Dunaway, Amanda (2018-04)
      This resource guide is a helpful tool for 24 hour caregivers or caregivers visiting a loved one at a facility that are caring for their loved one with dementia. It outlines the brain changes, types of dementia, stages, ...
    • Plarn for a Cause 

      Statzer, Jessica (2018-04)
      MAKING PLARN BED MATS FOR THE LOCAL HOMELESS I held classes at the Senior Center, teaching all the participants how to make “plarn”, AKA plastic yarn. We use the plarn to make bed mats for our local homeless individuals. ...
    • Oncology Emerging with Occupational Therapy 

      Benton, Savannah (Savannah Benton, 2018-04-18)
      This is an intervention book that is for clients receiving chemo. There are a variety of pain relief techniques that are not medication based, as well as psychosocial interventions. It is reader friendly and has step by ...
    • Healing Through a Story: How Occupational Therapy Creates Meaning Through the Grief Process 

      Cambron, Faith (2018-04-18)
      As an occupational therapy Expo Project, this book was written in collaboration with Kathryn Schneider in memory of her adoptive daughter, Eiris Hosanna. The occupational therapy student used the writing process of this ...
    • Cooking with Occupational Therapy 

      Alley, Melissa (2018-04-18)
      This is a pdf book version of a website I created to help people learn about cooking with occupational therapy. It covers subjects such as performance components, recipes, tips and tricks and adaptive equipment that can ...
    • Next Chapter 

      Greene, Eden (2018-04-18)
      The Next Chapter is an accountability journal for individuals who have recently graduated college. It contains 3 months worth of prompts, activities, and encouragement.
    • Coming Alongside Individual with Diverse Abilities: Using Occupational Therapy Practices to Promote Inclusion in the Church 

      Tate, Kaylee (2018-04-18)
      This project consists of resources and information on how to meet the needs of individuals with special needs in the church community. The booklet includes calming strategies, tools for effectively communicating emotions, ...


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