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    • Mrs. Kibelbek's Wiggel Worm Kit 

      Keys, Lindsey (2018-03)
      This is an idea that I brought over from the graduate project that I did this year called, On The Move for Success. It is all about allowing kids to have movement breaks to increase their attention, focus, and improve ...
    • Next Chapter 

      Greene, Eden (2018-04-18)
      The Next Chapter is an accountability journal for individuals who have recently graduated college. It contains 3 months worth of prompts, activities, and encouragement.
    • O.T. Expo 2016 

      Unknown author (2016-04)
    • Occupational Therapy at the Library 

      Broadhead, Brad (2016-04-20)
      As a child, when I looked at a tree, I saw much more than a tree. I saw a playground, a fort, a mountain to climb, monkey bars, a great hide-and-seek spot, and a place to relax. Similarly, I now view the library through ...
    • Oncology Emerging with Occupational Therapy 

      Benton, Savannah (Savannah Benton, 2018-04-18)
      This is an intervention book that is for clients receiving chemo. There are a variety of pain relief techniques that are not medication based, as well as psychosocial interventions. It is reader friendly and has step by ...
    • Open Up! The Occupational Therapy Play and Storage Bench 

      Wills, Kelli (2016-04)
      This is no ordinary bench. With this simple design, one can evaluate and perform an endless variety of interventions without ever having to relocate. What makes this possible is the amazing ability of this bench to transform ...
    • Personalized & Portable OT Activity Case 

      Severt, Jordyn (2018)
    • Photography, Emotions, & OT 

      Wilson, Megan (2018-04)
    • Piper Fine-Motor Activity Challenges 

      Piper, Jordan (2016)
      The PF-MAC is a module that allows the client to focus on fine motor coordination and dexterity. The PF-MAC has several different activities that the therapist has the option to set up or allow the client to choose from. ...
    • Plarn for a Cause 

      Statzer, Jessica (2018-04)
      MAKING PLARN BED MATS FOR THE LOCAL HOMELESS I held classes at the Senior Center, teaching all the participants how to make “plarn”, AKA plastic yarn. We use the plarn to make bed mats for our local homeless individuals. ...
    • Plink-OT 

      Hawley, Erin (2017-04-21)
      This document is an instruction guide to recreate and use the Plink-OT board created for the 2017 occupational therapy expo.
    • Portable Sensory Room 

      Riggs, Summer (2017-04-12)
      The Portable Sensory Room is a small 5 ft. x 5 ft. x ft. room that can be put together and taken back apart to be stored in a large storage bin. It can be moved and utilized in various spaces. The room contains a small ...
    • Prevention Through Perspectives 

      Blake, Jasmine (2017-04-12)
      Prevention through Perspectives is a nine-week program that includes 15-20 minute weekly classroom activities for each key component of combating bullying. The nine core themes include emotional understanding (perspective ...
    • Rearranging the Puzzle 

      Glibbery, Elissa (2018-04-18)
      This is a video highlighting the unique personalities, talents, abilities and interests of individuals with autism attending Jeremiah School. The format includes structured interviews capturing day to day activities at the ...
    • Sensation Station 

      Sackett, Laura (2017-04-12)
      A manual to build a sensory and fine motor wall.
    • Sense We Matter- Making the Community Sensory Friendly 

      Odom, Vanessa (2018-04)
      A community wide program implemented to make businesses aware of Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD). Children or adults with SPD can be sensitive to light, sounds, textures, and other sensory input. If you see this logo ...
    • Sew Yummy Sensory Foods 

      Cain, Brittany (2017)
      Manual on how to create sensory food that can be used in interventions with children.
    • Shake and Shuffle 

      Johnston, Sarah (2018-04)
      For as long as I can remember, my father has always loved music. He enjoys listening to music, dancing to the music, and attending events that involve music. His Parkinson’s disease has taken away a lot of what he loves ...
    • Spread the Word, Senses Matter: An Educational Tool for Sensory Processing Disorder 

      Bradshaw, Sadie (2017)
      An educational tool for those wanting to learn or teach others about Sensory Processing Disorder. Includes, powerpoint, pdf, handouts and a quiz.


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