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    • Effectiveness of EMDR and CBT in Children and Adolescents with Trauma 

      Brannock, David (2020-07)
      The main purpose of this systematic review was to compare the effectiveness of eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) in children and adolescents who experienced trauma. ...
    • Heroes and Princesses: How Imagination Can Alleviate Poverty 

      Helton, Lydia (2019-12-04)
      Researchers have found that children who are raised in poverty are more likely to be impoverished later in life as a result of educational limits, health implications, or lowered self-esteem. The latter cause could be ...
    • Professional Knowledge of Adverse Childhood Experiences 

      Bauer, Sommer (2019-05-06)
      Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) is a hot topic in education. Research exists to clearly identify the implications that ACEs have on adults in terms of physical and mental health. Less is known about the implications ...
    • Taking a Shot at Consumerism 

      Raizor, Mackenzie (2016-11-16)
      In the past few decades, childhood vaccinations have sparked a controversy among parents. Because vaccines affect an entire community’s immunity to disease, there is a question of whether or not vaccines should be approached ...


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