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    • Horsin' Around 

      Ogle, Lindsey (2016-04)
      "Horsin' Around" incorporates sensory movements into a life-size board game. Players will ride on stick horses of varying weights and textures while they perform sensory movements on each tile space they land on. Included ...
    • Mrs. Kibelbek's Wiggel Worm Kit 

      Keys, Lindsey (2018-03)
      This is an idea that I brought over from the graduate project that I did this year called, On The Move for Success. It is all about allowing kids to have movement breaks to increase their attention, focus, and improve ...
    • Sew Yummy Sensory Foods 

      Cain, Brittany (2017)
      Manual on how to create sensory food that can be used in interventions with children.
    • Weather Wizards 

      Burns, Katherine (2018-04-18)
      An educational tool to help kids practice planning, logical thinking, fine motor, and sensory exploration.
    • The Weight of Success: OT in the Classroom 

      Ritter, Rebecca (2018-04-18)
      Covers of educational fun for lap pads.
    • Yoga with Gillian 

      Roberson, Sarah (2018)
      This project was designed for Gillian, a now 6 year old, who was born premature. It contains a Mickey Mouse themed individualized picture book for her to use to do yoga. It also includes a guide yoga book for her mom to ...


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