Recent Submissions

  • Restrict a Bitstream File 

    Kenderes, Lindsay (2017-06-29)
    How to make an item searchable / metadata readable, but restrict Bitstream (file) in MCStor.
  • Filename Standards for Restricted Bitstream Files 

    Lindsay Kenderes (2016-07-07)
    Document provides filename standards for restricted bitstream files.
  • URL Identifier Error / Lock File 

    David Baker; Lindsay Kenderes (2016-06-15)
    Document represents data of a URL Identifier Link error. The handle could not be found.
  • Server for DSpace Error 

    Baker, David (2016-07-08)
    Document represents data from a server error that occurred on July 8, 2016.
  • MCStor Digital Archive Policies Manual 

    Kalamazoo College (2016-06-21)
    The MCStor Digital Archive Policies Manual addresses all MCStor policies and procedures for Milligan College's Institutional Repository. Policies were adopted from Kalamazoo College's Digital Archive (CACHE) Policies Manual.

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