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  • "...a young man's fancy...": Milligan College May Festival 

    unknown; Stapleton, Nancy I. (Rogers) (1962-05-12)
    Program for the May Festival for May 12, 1962.
  • TWIRP Week 1920 

    Unknown author (circa 1961)
    Program for TWIRP ("The Woman Is Required to Pay") Week from circa 1961-1962 with the 1920s theme.
  • Campaign Speech Announcement 

    Hopwood, Josephus (2021)
    Text reads: "PUBLIC SPEAKING! The Great Issue of the Political Campaign PRESENTED FOR THE PEOPLE! History and Philosophy of Political Parties, Their Ends and Purposes Shown. FELLOW-CITIZENS: For any man to love truth and ...
  • 1915 Ad 

    Unknown author (Milligan Light, 1915)
    1915 Ad from The Light reads: "Christian Education the Hope of the World. Milligan College Near Johnson City, Tenn. Thirty-fifth session opened September 7, 1915. Standard college, co-educational, Christian, unsectarian. ...
  • Baseball Game 

    Unknown author (1908)
    Baseball game with Washington College on hill in background. Classroom building on left. Hopwood House on right.

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