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  • Josephus Hopwood, c. 1903 

    Unknown author (c. 1903)
    In the early 1870s, Josephus Hopwood attended the College of the Bible at Kentucky University, where he studied under Robert Milligan and J. W. McGarvey. Both Milligan and McGarvey were prominent Disciples of Christ leaders ...
  • Postal Card from Wilson G. Barker to Josephus Hopwood, July 29, 1875 

    Barker, Wilson Gilvan (1875-07-29)
    A postal card from Wilson Barker to Josephus Hopwood informing Hopwood of his election as Principal of the Buffalo Male and Female Institute, dated July 29, 1875.
  • Subscription List, 1867 

    Unknown author (1878-06-07)
    On June 7, 1867, seventy-nine subscribers pledged $1553 to build a new school building on the acre of land that was donated by Joshua Williams. The Institute, a two-story structure built by bricks fired on-site, was ...
  • Buffalo Male and Female Institute circular, 1878 

    Unknown author (1878)
    This Buffalo Male and Female Institute circular would have been distributed prior to September 2, 1878, announcing the school term of fall 1878. On this circular, Josephus and Sarah Eleanor Hopwood are noted as principals ...
  • Oldest known record of the Buffalo Institute, March 28, 1866 

    Wilson G. Barker (1866-03-28)
    This is a copy of the oldest known record of Buffalo Male and Female Institute. It is a statement of charges and credits to G. W. and S. W. Williams on behalf of their children. It is signed by Wilson G. Barker, founder ...
  • Wilson G. Barker, c. 1865 

    J. Smarer (1865)
    Rev. Wilson Gilvan Barker was born near Bristol, Virginia, on December 25, 1830. He was trained as a school teacher and served as a Colonel in the Confederate forces during the Civil War. On February 4, 1866, Barker was ...
  • Land Grant to Edmund Williams, 1782 

    State of North Carolina (1782-10)
    Edmund Williams received this land grant dated 1782 by the State of North Carolina for 640 acres of land along Buffalo Creek.
  • Buffalo Mountain 

    Unknown author (undated)
    View of Buffalo Mountain from Milligan College.
  • Buffalo Creek 

    Unknown author (1977)
    Students sit beside Buffalo Creek, c. 1977.
  • Emmanuel Christian Seminary, c. 1970s 

    Unknown author (1970)
    Students walking into Emmanuel School of Religion (now Emmanuel Christian Seminary at Milligan College), c. 1970s.
  • Students walking on campus, c. 1970s 

    Unknown author (1970)
    Students walking between classes on campus, c. 1970s. Buffalo Mountain in background.
  • Freshmen Week, 1969 

    Unknown author (1969-09)
    Freshmen students wearing dinks and beanies walking by Milligan’s entrance and Post Office during Freshmen Week, September 1969.
  • Freshmen Week, 1969 

    Unknown author (1969-09)
    Freshmen students wearing traditional orange and black dinks and beanies during Freshmen Week, September 1969.
  • P. H. Welshimer Memorial Library 

    Unknown author (1965)
    A view of the P.H. Welshimer Memorial Library, c. 1960s. Sutton Hall is seen above the library.
  • Students playing tennis, c. 1955 

    Unknown author (1955)
    Students play a tennis match on Milligan’s old tennis courts, c. 1955. The tennis courts in this photo no longer exist and have been replaced by a parking lot, which sits below Hardin Hall, across from the P. H. Welshimer ...
  • Group of students, c. 1947 

    Unknown author (1947)
    A group of students stand in front of the Administration Building (Derthick Hall), c. 1947
  • Students sit beside Buffalo Creek, c. 1947 

    Unknown author (1947)
    Two students sit beside Buffalo Creek, c. 1947
  • May Day, 1955 

    Unknown author (1955)
    May Day Court holds onto streamers before going around the May Pole during the May Day Festival on campus, c. 1954. Derthick Hall in background.
  • May Day, 1955 

    Unknown author (1955)
    May Day Court circles the May Pole in front of Hardin Hall, c. 1955.
  • May Day, 1954 

    Unknown author (1954)
    A May Day Court procession, 1954. Queen and King of May, Betty Jeanne Snodgrass and Leonard Gallimore.

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