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  • Measuring Attitudes Towards Islam 

    Turpen, Jarad (2019-05)
    In recent years, the rhetoric surrounding individuals who are Muslim has resulted in severed freedoms of expression, violations of basic human rights, stereotypic labeling, and the stripping away of the dignity of Muslim ...
  • Be Your Best, Beat Stress 

    Van Cleve, Heather (2019-05-08)
    Stress; what it is, how it affects us, and ways we manage it. Stress is an important topic because it affects everyone. We all have the same physiological responses to stress but our perceptions of it and how we react or ...
  • The Effect of Artificial Sweeteners on Reactive Oxygen Species in the Growth of Yeast 

    Grindstaff, Madison (2019-01-07)
    Artificial sweeteners have become a comparable option to sugar, especially for those who cannot tolerate sugar in their diets, such as diabetics. There have been many stated negative effects resulting from the consumption ...
  • Las Causas Negativas de la Salud Mental Encontradas en Personas Documentadas e Indocumentadas en los Estados Unidos 

    Olvera-Rios, Amy (2019-05-07)
    Over the years there has been a correlation among immigrant families and their mental health effects. This is due to a series of traumatic events across the United States. Although adults are often the most targeted by ...
  • La educación: Un derecho para todos 

    James, Taya (2019-05)
    As of 2015, there are 4.8 million ELLs in the public school system out of which eighty percent are Spanish speakers. Unfortunately, many of these students do not have access to the resources they need to be successful in ...

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