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Williams-Taylor House, 1791-2002


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Clinton J. Holloway


Williams-Taylor House, 1791-2002

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This collection has books, magazines, many correspondences, and other documentation pertaining to the Taylor family and the Williams-Taylor House.

Access Restrictions:

Collection is open for research.

Historical Note:

The exact construction date of the Taylor-Phillips House is lost to history, though it is certain that the land came into the possession of North Carolina Land Master Edmund Williams via a Revolutionary War land grant in 1782. The original structure is thought to have been a two-story, three-bay log house facing either north or south, surrounded by 230 acres of farmland. In 1867, one acre of this land adjacent to the Buffalo Creek Christian Church was donated by Joshua Williams for the purpose of erecting a brick building to house the Buffalo Male and Female Institute. Joshua Williams owned the house until 1938. His children were all educated at the Institute, which became Milligan College in 1881. Five generations of Williams lived in the house. In addition, Colonel Wilson Gilvan Barker, president of Buffalo Male and Female Institute, lived there with his daughter and son-in-law, Nannie and George T. Williams, from 1900 until his death in 1905. Congressman Alfred Alexander Taylor, a cousin to the Williams family and trustee of Milligan College, bought the house and approximately 16 acres of land in 1906. Taylor and his siblings, including his brother, Tennessee Governor Robert “Our Bob” Taylor, were all alumni of the Buffalo Institute and Milligan College. Taylor’s intention was to raise his family near Milligan and its preparatory department. In 1920, “Uncle Alf” successfully ran for Governor of Tennessee. He returned to the Taylor home-place in 1923. In 1925 Milligan College acquired part of the Taylor property for the establishment of a better athletics program. College administrators and student clubs also met in the house. Upon Governor Taylor’s death in 1931, the home passed to his son, Robert Love “Little Bob” Taylor. At the time Robert was a prominent Johnson City, TN, lawyer. He would later become the senior U.S. District Judge and preside over several landmark cases, including the 1956 Clinton High School desegregation case. Milligan College bought both the Taylor House and the surrounding 16.7 acres in 1989. The house was used by various members of the staff for several years, but began to show signs of disrepair. In 2001, Clarinda Phillips Jeanes, wife of Milligan President Donald Jeanes, and alumnus Clint Holloway announced plans to restore the Taylor House and list it among the Tennessee Historic Sites. The Taylor-Phillips House is now used as a hospitality home for campus guests and as a venue for the scholarship fundraising events of The Associated Ladies for Milligan.


The collection is divided into three series and folders are arranged alphabetically in each series.

Scope and Content Note:

This collection contains photocopies of the materials gathered and used by Clinton J. Holloway in the process of renovating the Williams-Taylor House in 2000 and 2001. In this process, the house itself and both the Taylor and Williams families were researched. The original materials included information from the Tennessee Historical Commission, photocopies of deeds and wills, newspaper and book articles, correspondence, photographs, negatives, and slides, as well as materials submitted to and printed by the National Register of Historic Places. The collection is composed of materials dating from 1791 through 2000.

This collection is divided into three series. The first series is the Williams-Taylor House History Papers dating from 1791-2000, which contains historical documentation on the Williams and Taylor families and of the Williams-Taylor House, with material on house renovation and dedication. The second series is Magazines dating 1905-1910. This series contains issues of the Bob Taylor’s Magazine and the Taylor-Trotwood Magazine. The third series is titled Books, which contain print copies dating from 1898-1925.

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[Item], Williams-Taylor House, Collection C0044, The Holloway Archives at Milligan University, Milligan, TN.

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Processed by: Kaitlin Campbell
Completed in 2014.

Folder List

Box 1

I. Series: Williams-Taylor House History Papers, 1791-2000

  • Buffalo Institute, 1942

  • Barker, Wilson Gavin, undated

    • Christian Standard- Obituary, 1905

    • History and Directory, 1871-1971

  • Deeds, 1806-1908

    • Book A, pp. 471, 1804

    • Book A, pp. 471 & 472, 1804

    • Book B, pp. 34, 1806

    • Book B, pp. 80, 1791

    • Book B, pp. 81, 1806

    • Book B, 1814

    • Book C, pp. 234, 1817-1818

    • Book C, pp. 334, 1819

    • Book D, pp. 193-194, 1822

    • Book J, 1888

    • Book T, pp. 481, 1881

    • Book T, pp. 482, 1883

    • Book 5, 1880

    • Book 13, 1814

    • Book 19, 1906

    • Book 29, 1908

    • Warranty Deed, 1989

  • Holloway Correspondence and Notes, 2000

    • Correspondence from Robert Taylor to Clinton Holloway, 2000

    • Correspondence from Don Jeanes to Clinton Holloway, 2000

    • Correspondence from Deanne Taylor to Clinton Holloway, 2000

    • Letter from Clinton Holloway to Harold and Deanne Taylor, 2000

  • House Pictures and Negatives, etc., undated

    • How the Red Rose fought the White in Nashville years ago, Maxwell House Coffee, Cheek-Neal Coffee Company, September, 1925
      (Placed in Oversize, Box 5).

  • Jones, [George Andrew William Jackson] “Crook”, 1990

    • “Crook”, Nat Taylor, 1990

    • Information researched and written by Nancy Bowen, 1990

  • National Register Nomination Paper and Photos, 2000

    • Photos- Williams-Taylor House, undated

    • Williams-Taylor House- Historic Places Nomination Forms, Clinton Holloway, 2000

  • “Old Limber”, undated

  • Slides, 2000

  • Statement of Significance Document by Holloway, Clinton J., 2000

  • Statement of Significance Document by Taylor, Anne, undated

  • Sources cited by Taylor, Anne, 1979

    • Acreage/Dimensions, 1791-1908

    • Andrew Taylor Documentary, undated

    • Correspondence from Dessie Simmons to the Taylor’s, 1979

    • Deeds List, 1791-1908

    • Letter to Florence, 1978

    • National Register Nomination Form, 1979

    • Tennessee a Short History, undated

    • Tennessee Historical Markers, 1962

    • Williams-Taylor Family Tree, 1790-1931

  • Taylor, A. A., Correspondence, 1919 & 1925

    • Correspondence from A. A. Taylor, 1919

    • Correspondence from A. A. Taylor, 1925

  • Taylor, A. A., Jennie, Misc. Biographical, undated

    • Correspondence from Robert Taylor Junior, 2000

    • Elizabethton Star, A. A. Taylor- Obituary, 1931

    • Family Fun: Tennessee’s Famous ‘War of Roses’, Paul Smith, 1966

    • Jennie Taylor- Obituary, undated

    • Miscellaneous

    • Tennessee’s War of Roses, undated

    • The State of Tennessee Executive Chamber signed by A. A. Taylor, 1922

    • The Taylor Family in Tennessee History, 1993

    • The Tennessee Encyclopedia of History & Culture, undated

  • Taylor Family Properties, undated

    • Tennessee Preservation Trust Network Packet, undated

  • Taylor Historical Resources/Bibliography, 1973-1996

    • A Bibliography of Tennessee History, 1973-1996

  • Taylor House-Property, 1988-1989

    • Board of Trustees, Milligan College, 1989

    • Milligan College History Project, 1990

    • Milligan College Trustees Meeting, 1988

    • The Story of Senator Robert Taylor and Governor A. A. Taylor, undated

  • Taylor House Renovations, 2001

    • Johnson City Press Article, ‘Milligan house renovation is a project with vision’, 2001

    • Taylor House Renovation Brochure, undated

  • Taylor-Phillips House Dedication, 2002

    • Taylor/Phillips House Dedication, 2002

  • Taylor, Robert Love: Governor/Senator, undated

    • The Bob Taylor Publishing Company, undated

  • Taylor, Robert L., Florence, et. Al. 1956-1993

    • Blueprint of Taylor Property, 1967

    • Correspondence from Dr. Marshall Leggett, Dr. Charles Allen, to Robert Taylor, 1985

    • Correspondence from Ernest Ward, Dr. Blaine Cutshall to Home Federal Savings & Loan Association, 1985

    • Correspondence from Judge Allen Sharp to Robert Taylor, 1993

    • Education, Elementary, and Secondary, undated

    • Remembering United States District Judge Robert L. Taylor, undated

    • The Knoxville Journal, 1978

    • The Tennessee Encyclopedia of History and Culture Clinton Desegregation Crisis, 1956

  • Taylor, Robert Love “Judge”, Desegregation Case, undated

    • Letter from Robert Taylor to Dean E. Walker, 1952

    • The Clinton 12-A Documentary Film, undated

    • Tennessee Historical Quarterly, 1994

    • Tennessee Historical Quarterly, 1995

    • Tennessee Historical Quarterly, 1997

  • Tennessee Historical Commission and Marker, 2000

    • Correspondence from Donald Jeanes to Linda Wynn, 2000

    • Correspondence from Linda Wynn to Clinton Holloway, 2000

    • Historical Mark Text Submittal- Application, undated

    • Tennessee Historical Commission- Memorandum, undated

    • Tennessee Historical Commission-National Register of Historic Places, undated

    • Tennessee Historical Commission- Policies and Procedures for National Register Nominations, undated

  • War of the Roses. Taylor, Alfred, & Robert Love, 1860-1920 & 1993

    • Tennessee Historical Quarterly, 1860-1920

    • The Taylor Family in Tennessee History, 1993

  • Williams, Joshua, & Family, 1887-2000

    • Correspondence from Tom Smalling to Clinton Holloway, 2000

    • Early History of Carter County (1760-1861), undated

    • History of Tennessee, 1887

    • Joshua Williams Certification, undated

    • Joshua Williams- Obituary, 1895

Box 2

II. Series: Magazines, 1905-1910

  • Bob Taylor’s Magazine and Taylor-Trotwood Magazine, undated

    • The Faces of Two Centuries, 1780-1980

  • Bob Taylor’s Magazine, 1905-1906

    • Bob Taylor’s Magazine, Vol. I, No. 3, June, 1905

    • Bob Taylor’s Magazine, October, 1905

    • Bob Taylor’s Magazine, Vol. II, No. 2, November 1905

    • Bob Taylor’s Magazine, Vol. II, No. 4, January, 1906

    • Bob Taylor’s Magazine, Vol. II, No. 5, February, 1906

    • Bob Taylor’s Magazine, Vol. II, No. 2, November, 1906

  • Bob Taylor’s Magazine, 1906

    • Bob Taylor’s Magazine, Vol. III, No. 1, April, 1906

    • Bob Taylor’s Magazine, Vol. III, No. 2, May, 1906

    • Bob Taylor’s Magazine, Vol. III, No. 3, June, 1906

    • Bob Taylor’s Magazine, Vol. III, No. 4, July, 1906

  • Bob Taylor’s Magazine, 1906

    • Bob Taylor’s Magazine, Vol. III, No. 6, September, 1906

    • Bob Taylor’s Magazine, October, 1906

    • Bob Taylor’s Magazine, Vol. IV, No.2, November, 1906

  • The Taylor-Trotwood Magazine, 1907

    • The Taylor-Trotwood Magazine, January, 1907

    • The Taylor-Trotwood Magazine, March, 1907

    • The Taylor-Trotwood Magazine, April, 1907

    • The Taylor-Trotwood Magazine, June, 1907

    • The Taylor-Trotwood Magazine, July, 1907

    • The Taylor-Trotwood Magazine, September, 1907

    • The Taylor-Trotwood Magazine, October, 1907

  • The Taylor-Trotwood Magazine, 1908

    • The Taylor-Trotwood Magazine, January, 1908

    • The Taylor-Trotwood Magazine, March, 1908

    • The Taylor-Trotwood Magazine, May, 1908

    • The Taylor-Trotwood Magazine, October, 1908

    • The Taylor-Trotwood Magazine, Vol. VIII, No.3, December, 1908

  • The Taylor-Trotwood Magazine, 1909

    • The Taylor-Trotwood Magazine, Vol. VIII, No. 5, February, 1909

    • The Taylor-Trotwood Magazine, May, 1909

    • The Taylor-Trotwood Magazine, June, 1909

    • The Taylor-Trotwood Magazine, August, 1909

    • The Taylor-Trotwood Magazine, September, 1909

  • The Taylor-Trotwood Magazine, 1910

    • The Taylor-Trotwood Magazine, April, 1910

    • The Taylor-Trotwood Magazine, May, 1910

    • The Taylor-Trotwood Magazine, June, 1910

    • The Taylor-Trotwood Magazine, July, 1910

Box 3

  • The Taylor-Trotwood Magazine, 1910

    • The Taylor-Trotwood Magazine, August, 1910

    • The Taylor-Trotwood Magazine, September, 1910

Box 3

III. Series: Books (alphabetical), 1898-1925

  • Acts of the State of Tennessee while Robert Love Taylor, Governor, 1898.

  • Bob and Alf Taylor- Their Lives and Lectures, 1925.

  • Echoes, Gov. Bob Taylor, 1899.

  • Lectures and Best Literacy Productions of Bob Taylor, 1912-1913.

  • Life and Career of Senator Robert Love Taylor, 1913.

Box 4

  • Life Pictures, 1907.

  • “Old Limber” or The Tale of the Taylors, 1921.

  • Private Acts of Tennessee including Alfred A. Taylor as Governor, 1921.

Box 5, Oversize

  • How the Red Rose fought the White in Nashville years ago, Maxwell House Coffee, Cheek-Neal Coffee Company, September, 1925.

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