Milligan’s RISE Above (Research Increases Student Engagement) program provides opportunities for students to participate in experiences of faculty-mentored research and creative expression. Many Milligan students already conduct research, perform on stage, exhibit original artwork, present at conferences, and publish written works. Milligan’s RISE Above program provides more opportunities for students to participate in these experiences of research and creative expression.

Recent Submissions

  • World Cup and FIFA Rankings 

    de la Torre Gonzalez, Luis Esteban (2018-04)
    This paper explains the research done using Econometric principles to find a predictive model for the FIFA World Cup Russia 2018. It also shows the results obtained by the model.
  • La pena de los paises 

    Warax, Emma (2018-04-30)
    La historia escrita de la economía está llena de condiciones en constante cambio con muchos depresiones y recesiones. Los historiadores se creen que todos los 195 países que existen lidian con estas inflaciones y deflaciones ...
  • The effects of polarized light on B. napus growth 

    Anderson, Cassidy (2018-04-19)
    Throughout nature, carbohydrates and proteins are observed to have respectively homogenous chirality; carbohydrates are known to exist in a right-hand (D) configuration and proteins in a left-hand (L) state. Previous studies ...
  • Jane Austen’s Legacy: 200 Years of Austen’s Novels, Characters and Happily Ever Afters 

    Williams, Kristen (2018-04-19)
    What is it about Jane Austen’s novels that are still relevant today? Is it the characters or the love stories? Or is it the reminder of a simpler time that keeps modern audiences coming back for more? In my paper I interrogate ...
  • Importance of a Weight-Gain-First Strategy when Recovering from Anorexia Nervosa 

    Douglas, Sarah (2018-04-19)
    This research paper chronicles the imperative need for people recovering from anorexia nervosa to gain weight quickly. Many treatment methods wait for the patient to heal the mind before putting on weight, but malnutrition ...

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