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This year marks the 50th anniversary of Wonderful Wednesday, a day that Milligan students look forward to in their spring semester. It’s a day shrouded in mystery, however, since only a handful of people know the actual date it will take place on and are sworn to secrecy.

This annual tradition began on April 30, 1969. President Johnson made a declaration on the Seeger Chapel steps that there would be no classes for the day and that students instead can “hearken to the opportunities for food, fun, and fellowship”. This exhibit shows various photos and documents that showcases how Wonderful Wednesday has changed and evolved into what we know today.

Recent Submissions

  • Wonderful Wednesday 2008 

    Buffalo staff (2008-04-21)
    2008 Buffalo yearbook. The theme this year was “Wonderful Wok Day”. The day consisted of a noodle eating contest, a faculty/staff hunt called the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, a competition of who can last the longest ...
  • Wonderful Wednesday 2015 

    Buffalo staff (2015)
    2015 Buffalo yearbook. In 2015 the theme for Wonderful Wednesday was “Disney Day”. As you can tell from the photos students were very happy with the theme and outcome of the day.
  • Wonderful Wednesday 1990 

    White, Jennifer (1990)
    1990 Buffalo yearbook. You can see the description on the page of the activities that took place, as well as the pictures with their own descriptions that tell what’s going on.
  • Wonderful Wednesday 1999 

    Buffalo staff (1999-04-12)
    1999 Buffalo yearbook. This year’s theme was “European Vacation”. Some of the activities included a Bavarian egg toss, a German race down the Autobahn (aka Sutton hill), and a Paris Seine River Run. Note President Bill ...
  • Wonderful Wednesday 1992 

    Buffalo staff (1992)
    1992 Buffalo yearbook. This year’s theme for Wonderful Wednesday was “The Greatest Show on Earth”. Of special note is the picture of Dr. Leggett and Dean Weedman participating in the Jell-O wrestling competition.

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