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dc.contributor.advisorDula, Mark
dc.contributor.authorBauer, Sommer
dc.description.abstractAdverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) is a hot topic in education. Research exists to clearly identify the implications that ACEs have on adults in terms of physical and mental health. Less is known about the implications of ACEs while the person is still in childhood, and how effective early intervention is for treating those with ACEs. The researcher wanted to know what professionals that worked with children in different capacities know about ACEs and the impact that ACEs has on the children that they serve. Also, the researcher wanted to know if professionals that worked with children knew where to obtain further resources about ACEs. Participants in the study from the fields of education and social work completed a survey and data was compiled to answer specific research questions. It is the hope of the researcher that online training modules could be developed in order for professionals that work with children who have ACEs will have more access to resources.en_US
dc.subjectAdverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)en_US
dc.subjectMaster of Education (M.Ed.) Thesis
dc.subjectRISE Above Research Conference
dc.titleProfessional Knowledge of Adverse Childhood Experiencesen_US

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