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Cornwell Collection, 1803-1988, undated


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Cynthia Ann Cornwell


Cornwell Collection, 1803-1988, undated

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This collection is comprised of the collective research of Cynthia Ann Cornwell for the writing of her book Beside the Waters of the Buffalo: A History of Milligan College to 1941. This is the first book documenting the history of Milligan College (now Milligan University). It began as her Master’s thesis at Emmanuel Christian Seminary at Milligan, and was later adapted and published as a book. This collection includes publications from both Milligan College and the surrounding area from 1803-1988. It included personal letters to and from members of the Hopwood family, and a timeline of important events in Milligan History. There are pictures of campus and students throughout Milligan History and information about the Navy V-12 Program that took place during WWII. This collection also includes cassette tapes of interviews with Milligan College Alumni Cornwell used in conducting her research.

Biographical Note:

Cynthia Ann (McCachern) Cornwell graduated from Milligan in 1985, majoring in Bible and Elementary Education. She also graduated from Emmanuel School of Religion (now Emmanuel Christian Seminary at Milligan) in 1988 with a Master of Divinity degree. Her thesis, “Beside the Waters of the Buffalo: A History of Milligan College to 1917,” partially fulfilled the requirements for the degree. It was later published in 1989 as a book, ISBN: 0-9621740-0-9, by the Milligan College History Project and printed by Overmountain Press. As of 2016, she was a high school guidance counselor in Edmond, OK.


The collection was already semi-arranged when the finding aid was written. This original order was kept. Series I: Research by Date spans 1920-1945 and is arranged chronologically. Series II: Pictures and Articles spans 1803-1985 and has retained original order. Series III: Documents and Letters spans 1833-1903 and is arranged chronologically. Series IV: Drafts is undated and is arranged in book chapter order. Series V.: Interview Tapes and Photos spans 1972-1988 and is arranged chronologically.

Scope and Content Note:

The research of Cynthia Ann Cornwell is organized by Topic, then by date. Series I: Research by Date series spans from 1920 to 1945 and contains research about Milligan and the surrounding area during this time period. Series II: Pictures and Articles series contains pictures of campus, pictures of students and articles about Milligan which are organized by topical folders. Series III: Documents and Letters spans letters written by people who were very involved with Milligan, including President Hopwood’s family, between 1833 and 1903. The series spans two boxes and also includes documents such as deeds and county census information from this time. Series IV: Drafts series is a box of Cornwell’s original drafts and corrections for her book, Beside the Waters of the Buffalo: A History of Milligan College to 1941. It is organized by chapter and section. Series V: Interview Tapes and Photos contains cassette tapes of interviews Cornwell conducted with Milligan alumni in preparation for her book. It also includes photos of people who were involved with Milligan.

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Accession 2018-020

Note: There was no accession year available when this collection was processed, therefore the year when processing started is used for the accession record.

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Collection is open for research. The archivist reserves the right to determine on a case-by-case basis if certain folders within the collection that have been requested for viewing cannot be made available due to various restriction compliance, including but not limited to student information, private personal information, and organizational information of a restricted nature.

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[Item], Cornwell Collection, Collection C0042, The Holloway Archives at Milligan University, Milligan, TN.

Processing Information:

Processed by: Brianna Snyder

Completed in 2019.

Folder List

Box 1

I. Series: Research by Date, 1920-1945

  • Folder 1, 1920-1921

  • Folder 2, 1921

  • Folder 3, 1922

  • Folder 4, 1923

  • Folder 5, 1923

  • Folder 6, 1924

  • Folder 7, 1925

  • Folder 8, 1926

  • Folder 9, 1927

  • Folder 10, 1928-1929

  • Folder 11, 1930-1935

  • Folder 12, 1936-1939

  • Folder 13 (Navy V-12), 1940-1945

Box 2

II. Series: Pictures and Articles, 1803-1985

  • Interview Questionnaire and Timeline, 1866-1985

  • People (Part 1), 1803-1966

  • People (Part 2), 1872-1974

  • Buildings (Part 1), 1875-1970

  • Buildings (Part 2), 1903-1966

  • News and Campus Photos, 1873-1983

  • News from 1916, 1916

  • News from 1917, 1917

  • News from 1918, 1918

  • News from 1919, 1919

Box 3

III. Series: Documents and Letters, 1833-1903

  • 1833-1867

  • 1870-1879

  • Deeds, Census, Elenor Letters 1880-1889

  • 1890-1894

  • 1891-1894

  • 1895-1899

  • 1900-1903

  • 1903

Box 4

  • 1904-1908

  • 1907-1910

  • 1910-1913

  • 1913-1919

Box 5

IV. Series: Drafts, Undated

  • Chapter 1

  • Chapter 2

  • Chapter 3

  • Chapter 4

  • Chapter 5

  • Chapter 6

  • Chapter 7

  • Chapter 8

  • Chapter 9

  • Book Jacket, Preface, About the Author, Bibliography

  • Appendix

  • Photos, Captions, Corrections

  • Original Draft

Box 6

V. Series: Interview Tapes and Photos, 1972-1988

  • Dr. Walker, 28 February 1972 – 13 March 1972
    5 Tapes

  • Joe McCormick, March 1987 – 30 June 1987
    2 Tapes

  • Ernest Burleson 6 July 1987

  • Ruth Black and Elsie Meredith, 7 July 1987

  • Carsie Hyder Lodter, 10 July 1987
    2 Tapes

  • Beverly and Hattie Utsman, 10 July 1987

  • Ivor and Juanita Jones, 13 July 1987
    2 Tapes

  • Lois Hale and Hazel Best, 14 July 1987

  • Grace Hart McMake, 20 August 1987

  • Hyder Family, 1987

  • Minnie Conley, 12 May 1988

  • Avoca Christian Church

  • Unlabeled tape

  • Sleeve of Pictures

Recent Submissions

  • Cornwell Collection Finding Aid 

    Banks, Katherine (Siebenaler) (2019-05-07)
    Finding aid for the collection of Cynthia Cornwell, consisting of her research for the book Beside the Waters of the Buffalo: A History of Milligan College to 194.


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