The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our world and our lives, including our lives at Milligan. Having information about this experience will be invaluable for future historians. The Holloway Archives at Milligan University would like to invite the Milligan community to share their experiences with the Archives during this time as part of a record of how the pandemic impacted Milligan.

Who can submit to the COVID-19 Collection?

Any current Milligan student, faculty, or staff member can contribute to the collection. Simply use your Milligan credentials to log in when prompted. While we appreciate the interest of alumni and community members, the focus of this collection is how the pandemic is affecting the current Milligan community. We highly encourage you to seek out information about similar projects in your area, perhaps through your state or local historical society, public library, or archives.

When can I submit to the COVID-19 Collection?

Anytime! If you have something you’d like to submit now, go ahead and submit it. If you have an idea for something you’d like to do that might take a while to create, you can still submit it when you are finished with it. This collection will be open for as long as necessary to adequately cover the initial impacts of the pandemic to the Milligan community.

What can I submit to the COVID-19 Collection?

Anything in digital format that you think accurately reflects your Milligan experience during the pandemic. This may be a journal you keep, a poem or reflection you write, photos you take, art you create – any kind of work that you think tells your story relevant to your Milligan experience. It doesn’t have to be formal or lengthy. Perhaps you are a new student, and you want to reflect on your experience of attending Milligan during a pandemic. Perhaps you are a student-athlete, and you want to write about missing your season. Perhaps you are a faculty member who wants to reflect on adapting instruction for a pandemic. While your other experiences are certainly interesting, we are asking that you keep your submission relevant to the Milligan community.

All submissions will be made openly available immediately after submission and a short review by the archivist. These submissions will list the submitter’s name as the author. If you wish to be kept anonymous, please contact the archives at to ask about an anonymous submission process.

Note: We ask that you respect the privacy of other people and not mention them by name or give any kind of revealing information about them in your submission. We also ask that you do not give any kind of information that would violate HIPAA, FERPA, and similar privacy compliances both in relation to yourself and others.

How can I submit to the COVID-19 Collection?

You can submit items by clicking on the submission link below and logging in with your Milligan credentials. There will be a form to fill out with instructions below each part of the form. Please follow these directions closely. Towards the end, there will be a page for you to upload your submissions with instructions on file-naming. The last page will include our non-exclusive distribution license, to which you will need to agree to finish your submission. After you have completed your submission, the archivist will review the submission and make any necessary changes. If the archivist has any questions about the submission, they will contact you via email. If you have any questions about your submission, you can email

Note: We can accept almost all kinds of formats, although Word and PDF are preferred for text and JPEG and TIFF are preferred for photos. Please email the archives at if you wish to submit a video entry to discuss format and size options for your submission. All submissions will be screened and converted to archival-quality formats.

Inspired by projects and wording from the University of Illinois Archives, Indiana University Archives, and University Archives (UNC Charlotte)

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Recent Submissions

  • A Letter to Covid-19 

    Holben, Henry (2020-04-03)
    A sarcastic open letter to covid-19. Written in April, 2020


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