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dc.contributor.advisorDula, Mark
dc.contributor.authorWhelan, Lucy
dc.description.abstractThe purpose of this study was to determine if students perform better when a lesson is taught using digital media rather than print media. The sample consisted of students from a selected fourth grade ELA class in Northeast Tennessee. The study was completed over a two-week span. In the first week, the students were taught a unit using only print media, then assessed at the end of the week. In the second week, the students were taught a similar unit using only digital media, then assessed at the end of the week. Each students’ scores were compiled into a spreadsheet and compared using a paired t-test. There was a significant difference in scores when students were taught using digital media (p=.001). The results indicate that the use of digital media significantly increases student performance.en_US
dc.subjectDigital mediaen_US
dc.subjectPrint mediaen_US
dc.titleThe Effects of Digital Media and Print Media on the Performance of a 4th Grade ELA Classen_US

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