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dc.contributor.advisorDula, Mark
dc.contributor.authorTranski, Alexa Lynn Renfro
dc.description.abstractTeacher chronic absenteeism is growing among school districts across the United States, and the impact thereof can negatively affect all stakeholders. The purpose of this quantitative archival study was to examine whether or not significant correlations existed between teacher absenteeism and 1) student achievement, 2) student absenteeism, 3) teacher TVAAS individual growth scores, and 4) teacher evaluation scores. The study sought to identify which variable, teacher absenteeism or student absenteeism, better predicted student achievement and teacher TVAAS individual growth scores, respectively. The study was conducted by obtaining archival data from the participating rural school district and running statistical correlational analyses to determine significant relationships. The results indicated that no significant correlations with teacher absenteeism existed for: student achievement in math (r=.369, p=.076), student achievement in English/language arts (r=-.150, p=.484), student absenteeism (r=-.017, p=.883), TVAAS individual growth scores (r=-.068, p=.674), or teacher evaluation scores (r=.000, p=.999); however, significant correlations were present between both student absenteeism and student achievement (Beta=-.575, p=.001) and student absenteeism and teacher TVAAS growth scores (Beta= -.318, p=.045), demonstrating that student attendance has a more prominent effect on both student and teacher performance outcomes. Therefore, the key to student success is ensuring the consistent attendance of students. School districts must prioritize the establishment and implementation of formidable strategic plans that aim to combat student chronic absenteeism in order to see more positive results for student outcomes and school district accountability results.en_US
dc.subjectTVAAS Growth Scoreen_US
dc.subjectTEAM Growth Modelen_US
dc.subjectAbsenteeism, chronicen_US
dc.subjectPublic school systemen_US
dc.subjectTeacher evaluationen_US
dc.subjectStudent achievementen_US
dc.titleThe Relationships Among Teacher Absenteeism and TVAAS Growth and Observation Scores, Student Achievement, and Student Absenteeism in a Rural School District in the First Region of Tennesseeen_US

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