Recent Submissions

  • "...a young man's fancy...": Milligan College May Festival 

    unknown; Stapleton, Nancy I. (Rogers) (1962-05-12)
    Program for the May Festival for May 12, 1962.
  • TWIRP Week 1920 

    Unknown author (circa 1961)
    Program for TWIRP ("The Woman Is Required to Pay") Week from circa 1961-1962 with the 1920s theme.
  • Campaign Speech Announcement 

    Hopwood, Josephus (2021)
    Text reads: "PUBLIC SPEAKING! The Great Issue of the Political Campaign PRESENTED FOR THE PEOPLE! History and Philosophy of Political Parties, Their Ends and Purposes Shown. FELLOW-CITIZENS: For any man to love truth and ...
  • 1915 Ad 

    Unknown author (Milligan Light, 1915)
    1915 Ad from The Light reads: "Christian Education the Hope of the World. Milligan College Near Johnson City, Tenn. Thirty-fifth session opened September 7, 1915. Standard college, co-educational, Christian, unsectarian. ...
  • Buffalo Male and Female Institute circular, 1878 

    Unknown author (1878)
    This Buffalo Male and Female Institute circular would have been distributed prior to September 2, 1878, announcing the school term of fall 1878. On this circular, Josephus and Sarah Eleanor Hopwood are noted as principals ...

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