Recent Submissions

  • Seeger Chapel 

    Milligan College (Milligan College, 1993)
    Shows outside and inside views of Seeger Chapel.
  • Milligan College Admission Promotion 

    Johnson, Mike (Milligan College, 1991)
    Gives advantages of Milligan College as providing a liberal arts education in a Christian environment, with an excellent faculty, a varied sports program, musical groups and programs, beauty of the surrounding area, and ...
  • Milligan College: the first 125 years 

    Milligan College Public Relations Office; Adams, William R.; Beckner, Thomas; Swanay, Carrie; Wash, William; Morris, Dick (Milligan College, 1991)
    An overview of Milligan College, a liberal arts Christian Church college, giving its undergraduate and graduate programs. Shows portions of the programs of the theater, physical education and music departments. Emphasis ...


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