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Judy Newman Papers, 1958 – 1965, undated


The Holloway Archives at Milligan University
P. H. Welshimer Memorial Library
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Newman, Judy (Nighbert)


Judy Newman Papers, 1958 – 1965, undated

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Judy Newman (born Judith Nighbert) was a student at Milligan College from the early to mid-1960s. The Judy Newman Papers contain publications, newspaper clippings, programs, photographs, and other miscellaneous items from her time at school and several years before.

Biographical Note:

Judy Newman (Nighbert) attended Milligan College from 1962 to 1966 and was a student worker in the P. H. Welshimer Memorial Library for a couple years. On August 14, 1965, she married James M. Newman, and they lived off campus for their senior year. Upon graduation, Mr. and Mrs. Newman moved to Michigan where she taught for a year and a half before giving birth to their first child.


This collection was gathered and donated to the Milligan archives by Judy Newman in May of 2021. Grayce Wise finished processing it in December of 2021. This included arranging the collection by material format (as it was received in no particular order) and writing a finding aid. The collection is divided into five series, I. Series: Milligan Documents and Publications, 1958 – 1964, undated; II. Series: Programs, 1961 – 1965, undated; III. Series: Newspaper Clippings, 1963 – 1964, undated; IV. Series: Photos, 1963; V. Series: Other Documents, 1964, undated.

Scope and Content Note:

The Judy Newman Collection contains Milligan documents and publications, programs for various events, newspaper clippings, photographs, and several other miscellaneous items. The collection contains undated materials and materials spanning 1958 through 1965

The Milligan Documents and Publications series spans 1958 May through 1964 October and undated materials. It contains one set of academic schedules, several letters, three copies of the Mill-Agenda publication, and materials pertaining to events such as Founder’s Day and TWIRP Week.

The Programs series spans 1961 November 24 through 1965 March 2 and undated materials. It contains programs for numerous Milligan recitals, plays, senior events, and concerts. There are also programs for events such as matriculation and the dedication of the P. H. Welshimer Memorial Library.

The Newspaper Clippings series spans 1963 January through 1964 April and undated materials. It contains clippings pertaining to Milligan sports, faculty, and students in addition to wedding and engagement announcements, articles pertaining to First Christian Church, and articles pertaining to the Science Hill and Happy Valley public schools.

The Photos series spans 1963 October and contains three photographs in good condition. All three appear to depict the same event, which appears to potentially be some sort of girls’ pajama night in the dorm rooms of Sutton Memorial Hall.

The Miscellaneous series contains one item from 1964 January and two undated items. This includes a pamphlet from Manhattan Bible College in Kansas, a Christmas card from Dr. and Mrs. Dean E. Walker, and a small piece of paper of unidentified purpose.

Administrative Information

Acquisition Information:

Accession 2021-05

Access Restrictions:

The collection is open for research.

The archivist reserves the right to determine on a case-by-case basis if certain folders within the collection that have been requested for viewing cannot be made available due to various restriction compliance, including but not limited to student information, private personal information, and organizational information of a restricted nature.

Preferred Citation:

[Item], Judy Newman Papers, Collection C0138, The Holloway Archives at Milligan University, Milligan, TN.

Processing Information:

Processed by: Grayce Wise

Completed in 2021.

Folder List

Box 1

I. Series: Milligan Documents and Publications, 1958 May – 1964 October, undated

  • 1963 – 1964 Academic Schedules, 1963

  • Founder’s Daughter Candidates, 1963 – 1964, undated

  • Founder’s Day Schedules, 1963 – 1964

  • Letters, 1962 August 1 – 1964 July 30, undated

  • The Mill-Agenda, 1961 January/February – 1964 September/October

  • Miscellaneous Items, 1958 May, undated

  • TWIRP Week Pamphlets, undated

II. Series: Programs, 1961 November 24 – 1965 March 2, undated

  • Footlighters, 1964 May 8-9, undated

  • Instrumental Recitals, 1963 February 22 – 1965 March 2

  • Milligan Events, 1961 November 24 – 1964 May 15

  • Mutual Concert Association, undated

  • Other Plays, 1963 November 28 – 1964 November 26, undated

  • Senior Sayonaras, 1963 May 17 – 1964 May 22

  • Vocal Concerts and Recitals, 1962 December 9 – 1963 November 15, undated

  • The Zimmers, 1962 September 28 – 1963 October 7

III. Series: Newspaper Clippings, 1963 January – 1964 April, undated

  • First Christian Church, undated

  • Founder’s Day, 1963

  • May Day, 1963 May

  • Milligan Baseball, 1964 April, undated

  • Milligan Basketball, 1963 January – 1964 March, undated

  • Milligan Events, 1963 May, undated

  • Milligan Faculty, undated

  • Milligan Golf, undated

  • Milligan Students, 1963 March – 1963 September, undated

  • Milligan Tennis, 1963 April, undated

  • Milligan Track and Cross Country, undated

  • Milligan Wrestling, 1963 January, undated

  • Miscellaneous, undated

  • Music, 1963 November – 1964 March, undated

  • Science Hill and Happy Valley, undated

  • Weddings and Engagements, 1964 April, undated

IV. Series: Photos, 1963 October

  • Photographs, 1963 October

V. Series: Other Documents, 1964 January, undated

  • Other, 1964 January, undated

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