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  • Buffalo 1951 p. 59 

    Buffalo Staff (Buffalo Yearbook Staff, Milligan College, Tenn., 1951)
    This page from the 1951 Buffalo yearbook shows the predecessor to the Founder's Day/Founder's Daughter festivities: Homecoming, complete with a Homecoming Queen.
  • Buffalo 1952 p. 63 

    Buffalo Staff (Buffalo Yearbook Staff, Milligan College, Tenn., 1952)
    A page from the 1952 Buffalo yearbook showing the first Founder's Day
  • Founder's Daughter Candidates, 1954 

    unknown (1954-11-25)
    4th Annual Founder's Day, November 25, 1954 Diane Walker, 1954 Founder's Daughter Left to Right: Marilyn Smith, Anne Robinson, Alice Jermyn, Diane Walker, Margaret Saunders, Margaret Jane Smithson, Mary Speer, Phyllis Wright
  • Founder's Daughter, 1954 

    unknown (1954)
    Diane Walker receiving award
  • 1955-1956 Founder's Daughter candidates and their escorts 

    unknown (1955)
    Left to Right: Jerry Hughes, Ruth Eason, Don Williams, Barbara Fisher, James Fisher, Shirley Holthouser, Ronald Spotts, Patsy Masters, Glen Barton, Anne Robinson, Robert Walther, Barbara Smith

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