Founded in 1981, the Holloway Archives at Milligan University seeks to collect, preserve, and make reasonably available materials dealing with the University and its history. The Archives are located on the Ground Floor of the P. H. Welshimer Memorial Library.

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  • Buffalo 1951 p. 59 

    Buffalo Staff (Buffalo Yearbook Staff, Milligan College, Tenn., 1951)
    This page from the 1951 Buffalo yearbook shows the predecessor to the Founder's Day/Founder's Daughter festivities: Homecoming, complete with a Homecoming Queen.
  • Buffalo 1952 p. 63 

    Buffalo Staff (Buffalo Yearbook Staff, Milligan College, Tenn., 1952)
    A page from the 1952 Buffalo yearbook showing the first Founder's Day
  • Founder's Daughter Candidates, 1954 

    unknown (1954-11-25)
    4th Annual Founder's Day, November 25, 1954 Diane Walker, 1954 Founder's Daughter Left to Right: Marilyn Smith, Anne Robinson, Alice Jermyn, Diane Walker, Margaret Saunders, Margaret Jane Smithson, Mary Speer, Phyllis Wright
  • Founder's Daughter, 1954 

    unknown (1954)
    Diane Walker receiving award
  • 1955-1956 Founder's Daughter candidates and their escorts 

    unknown (1955)
    Left to Right: Jerry Hughes, Ruth Eason, Don Williams, Barbara Fisher, James Fisher, Shirley Holthouser, Ronald Spotts, Patsy Masters, Glen Barton, Anne Robinson, Robert Walther, Barbara Smith

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