Founded in 1981, the Holloway Archives at Milligan College seeks to collect, preserve, and make reasonably available materials dealing with the College and its history. The Archives are located on the Ground Floor of the P. H. Welshimer Memorial Library.

Sub-communities within this community

Recent Submissions

  • Group of people in front of north face of classroom building 

    unknown (1889-1891)
    Group in front of classroom building, ca. 1889-1891. Identified: Mrs. Eleanor LaRue Hopwood in center, standing linked arms with two young ladies
  • Willie Godby Tabor's Shorthand Class 

    unknown (1897)
    Identified: Mrs. J.W. Tabor, Sally Master, W.D. Sutton
  • Group of Men 

    unknown (1897-1899)
    Group of men, ca. 1897; Hopwood House in rear, Classroom building on right; Identified: Landon Bell
  • Group of Milligan College Students 

    unknown (1899-1901)
    Group of students, ca. 1899-1901; Identified: Sallie Wade Davis, Gideon O. Davis, Lew Sue Ben, Willie Godby Taylor, James S. Thomas; Donated by Dennis Helsabeck Sr.
  • Robert L. Taylor 

    unknown (1886)
    Robert L. Taylor: Milligan Student 1869-1871, Governor of Tennessee 1896

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