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Toyozo Nakarai Papers, 1947-1998, undated


The Helsabeck Archives of the Stone-Campbell Movement
Emmanuel Christian Seminary at Milligan Library
Johnson City, TN 37682


Toyozo Nakarai, archivist Katherine N. Banks


Toyozo Nakarai Papers, 1947-1998, undated

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English, Japanese, Hebrew


This collection contains the papers of Toyozo Nakarai, member of the Emmanuel Christian Seminary faculty from 1965 until 1983. Nakarai’s writings and correspondence comprise part of this collection. Also included in the collection are photos of Nakarai and articles about him.

Biographical Note:

Toyozo Wada Nakarai was born in 1898 in Kyoto, Japan, as Toyozo Furukawa. His early education included Samurai training, due to his class status.. Originally brought up in the Shinto religion by a brother who adopted him, Yozo Wada, he then became Buddhist as a young man and was adopted by relative Tosui Nakarai. He eventually converted to Christianity in 1922 after encountering Christian missionaries and was ordained in the Christian Church in 1925. He came to the US in 1923, where he eventually became a citizen in 1953. Due to his ethnicity, Nakarai was registered as an “enemy alien” during World War II and was unable to become a citizen until the 1950s. He received an A.B. degree from Kokugakuin University and an A.B. and an M.A. degree from Butler University. He also received a Ph.D. from the University of Michigan. He taught at Butler School of Religion (now Christian Theological Seminary) from 1927 to 1965, and then at Emmanuel School of Religion (now Emmanuel Christian Seminary at Milligan University) from 1965 to 1983. Nakarai was known for his scholarship on the Old Testament, Hebrew, and the Dead Sea Scrolls. He was married to Frances Yorn in 1933 and had two children, Charles and Frederick. Nakarai died in 1984.

Sources for this biographical note include items from the Personal Data folder.


The papers of Toyozo Nakarai were gathered from the Helsabeck Archives reference files on Nakarai. Archivist Katherine N. Banks sorted through the files and determined what items should remain in the reference files and what items should be placed in a formal collection. The papers are arranged into five series: I. Series: Biographical, 1965-1998, undated; II. Series: General Files, 1972-1981, undated; III. Series: Correspondence, 1947-1982, undated; IV. Series: Writings, 1953-1982, undated; and V. Series: Photos, 1969-1971, undated.

Scope and Content Note:

The papers of Toyozo Nakarai ae divided into five series: Biographical, General Files, Correspondence, Writings, and Photos.

The Biographical series spans 1965 to 1998 and includes undated material. This series contains items related to the biography of Nakarai, such as newspaper clippings and articles. Also included is a small file of items related to Nakarai’s family. Additionally, a collection of essays in honor of Nakarai is in this series. The General Files series spans 1972 to 1981 and includes undated material. This series includes items generally related to Nakarai and from Nakarai. The Correspondence series spans 1947 to 1982 and includes undated material. This series includes letters to and from Nakarai. The Writings series spans 1953 to 1982 and includes undated material. This series contains Nakarai’s writings, including notes, prayers, and galley proofs. The Photos series spans 1969 to 1971 and includes undated material. This series contains photos of Nakarai.

Administrative Information

Acquisition Information:

Accession 2022-001

Note: There was no accession year available when this collection was processed, therefore the year when processing started is used for the accession record.

Access Restrictions:

The collection is open for research.

The archivist reserves the right to determine on a case-by-case basis if certain folders within the collection that have been requested for viewing cannot be made available due to various restriction compliance, including but not limited to student information, private personal information, and organizational information of a restricted nature.

Preferred Citation:

[Item], Toyozo Nakarai Papers, Collection HSC0008, The Helsabeck Archives of the Stone-Campbell Movement, Emmanuel Christian Seminary at Milligan Library, Johnson City, TN.

Processing Information:

Processed by: Katherine N. Banks

Completed in 2022.

Folder List

Box 1

I. Series: Biographical, 1965-1998, undated

  • Personal Data, 1962-1998, undated

  • Toyozo Nakarai – File from President Wetzel’s Office 8/2005, 1996-1998

  • Nakarai Family, 1967, undated

  • Encounter: Creative Theological Scholarship: Biblical Studies in Honor of Toyozo W. Nakarai, 1965

II. Series: General Files, 1972-1981, undated

  • General Files, 1972-1981, undated

III. Series: Correspondence, 1947-1982, undated

  • Correspondence, 1947-1982, undated

IV. Series: Writings, 1953-1982, undated

  • Archaeology Notes, 1978-1979

  • Buddhism – Brief, Shintoism – Brief, 1963, undated

  • Intro to OT Notes, undated

  • Prayers and Meditations, 1978-1979, undated

  • Sermon Notes, undated

  • Writings, 1953-1982, undated

  • An Elder’s Public Prayer Galley Proof, 1968, undated

  • Other Sheep, undated

V. Series: Photos, 1969-1971, undated

  • Photos, 1969-1971, undated

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