Recent Submissions

  • Socio-economic factors impacting economic growth 

    Kenjeres, Valentina (2020-04-23)
    It is a common perception that the economic growth of a country is greatly influenced by the social and economic factors of the country. Factors like corruption, political stability, employment participation rate are related ...
  • Envisioning a Better Rural Water Supply for Hancock County 

    Burnett, Sterling; Pless, Bo; Williams, Casey; Wyatt, Jonathan (2020-04-23)
    Jubilee Project sought to collaborate with Milligan Engineering to assess the water quality of a mountain-spring source and improve water availability. This rural water supply provides water to Cedar Grove Baptist Church ...
  • Path Optimization Through A Bounded Region 

    Sutton, Mitchell (2016-04-28)
    The shortest path between two points is a straight line. However, finding the optimum path from one point to another with the introduction of a given boundary condition on the domain between the two points does not possess ...


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