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  • Milligan Preparing for 150th Birthday 

    Floyd, David (Johnson City Press, 2016-06-13)
    This article discusses Milligan's preparation for installing the Sesquicentennial Plaza on the back lawn of the P.H. Welshimer Memorial Library for the 150th Sesquicentennial Homecoming 2016 celebration.
  • Bigger Buffs 

    Ongie, Dave (Johnson City Press, 2016-10-26)
    This article introduces the new challenges of the 2016 basketball team. There are many new players, and many options for coach Robinson.
  • Even with 150 years of history, Milligan president says school's best days are still to come 

    Vance, Zach (Johnson City Press, 2016-10-23)
    This article summarizes homecoming 2016.
  • Gala opens milestone celebration 

    Vance, Zach (Johnson City Press, 2016-10-22)
    This article summarizes the gala of the 2016 homecoming at Milligan.
  • The election is over. The question remains: Who should lead? 

    Robertson, Scott (Business Journal, 2016-11)
    This piece is a letter by Scott Robertson mentioning comments by Pres. Bill Greer during “40 Under Forty” gala speech.
  • Celebrating Milligan 

    Morris-Frye, Abby (Elizabethton Star, 2016-10-23)
    This article is a summary of the gala event that occurred at Milligan on October 21, 2016, during Homecoming weekend. This gala honored alumni such as Patricia Phillips Magness and J. Lee Magness, as well as Clarinda Jeanes.
  • History Revisited 

    Carden, Curtis (Elizabethton Star, 2016-10-19)
    This article gives the full schedule of events for Homecoming weekend 2016. It also puts an emphasis on the excitement around the 150th anniversary of Milligan.
  • Forward With Faith: The Milligan College Story 

    Netherland, Tom (Bristol Herald Courrier, 2016-10-15)
    This article presents the new play put together by Rosemarie Shields to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Milligan College. It was written during the rehearsal period, before the play was shown to the public on October ...
  • Got it covered 

    Ongie, Dave (Johnson City Press, 2016-09-22)
    This article focuses on the journey of soccer player Charlotte Stephens and her contribution to the team as goalkeeper.
  • New category, familiar result for Milligan 

    Unknown author (Johnson City Press, 2016-09-14)
    This article presents the result of multiple platforms ranking colleges and universities in the nation, showing that Milligan is one of the best colleges in the South when comparing academic results and affordability.
  • Gorging on fun: New Milligan students use day to get acquainted 

    Fuller, Jessica (Johnson City Press, 2016-08-15)
    This article presents the Doe River Gorge day included in the Welcome week for new Milligan students.
  • High school students learn to 'Be A Buff' 

    Carden, Curtis (Elizabethton Star, 2016-07-28)
    This article presents the success of the 'Be A Buff' summer program 2016.
  • Milligan launches 2 new graduate programs in education 

    Morris-Frye, Abby (Elizabethton Star, 2016-09-02)
    President Greer presented two new programs in the field of education, a Doctor in Educational Leadership and Education Specialist.
  • New Category, familiar result for Milligan 

    Unknown author (Johnson City Press, 2016-09-14)
    Milligan ranks #22 for the Best schools in the south
  • Milligan College provides seminars highlighting 150-year history 

    Carden, Curtis (Elizabethton Star, 2016-08-28)
    Milligan College provides seminars highlighting 150-year history.


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