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dc.contributor.authorHook, Abigail
dc.description.abstractGender inequality has existed throughout all of history in essentially every area of the world. This inequality has found its way into even the most sacred areas of our lives. Differing beliefs on gender roles have caused major divisions within the Christian church, and the tension has only grown with the increasing involvement of women in politics and world affairs. Some sections of the church have chosen to support the feminist movement, while others oppose it. This research seeks Biblical direction on this topic, and searches for a solution for disunion in the church. Through my research I have found that many of the disagreements over gender inequality stem from different interpretations of scripture. It is difficult to say which interpretations are more reliable, but it is helpful to view the texts through an awareness of both ancient and modern culture, as well as the gospel as a whole. Gender roles and inequality do not seem to be critical pieces of the Christian faith, but clarity on Biblical wisdom will help to unify the church as a community.en_US
dc.titleThe Route to Unity amidst Gender Inequality in the Churchen_US

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