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    • MCStor and OLH Celebrate Open Access Week 

      Daught, Gary; Baker, David; Kenderes, Lindsay (2015-10-12)
      MCStor Open Access Week poster. This workshop presented two platforms: MCStor, Milligan College's digital repository for scholarly work created by faculty, staff and students and Open Library of Humanities, an international ...
    • MCStor: Institutional Repository for Milligan College 

      Daught, Gary; Baker, David; Kenderes, Lindsay (2016-05-27)
      This presentation describes the creation of MCStor, Milligan College's digital repository. MCStor is built on DSpace, a full-featured open source and web-based repository platform. Presented at the Appalachian College ...
    • More than an Afterimage: Music as Holocaust Spatial Representation and Legacy 

      Brown, Kellie (2023-03-30)
      Music occupies a unique and multi-faceted role in spatial representation of the Holocaust, both in terms of documenting its horrors and in cultivating legacy. This uniqueness derives from music’s dual temporal and physical ...
    • Motivating Gifted Adolescents through the Power of PIE: Preparedness, Innovation, & Effort 

      Phelps, Vicki (2022-09-29)
      Join Dr. Vicki Phelps as part of our Faculty Lecture Series as she presents, “Motivating Gifted Adolescents through the Power of PIE: Preparedness, Innovation, & Effort“
    • Promoting Archives for Milligan's 150th Anniversary 

      Kenderes, Lindsay (2017-05-19)
      This presentation describes how the Holloway Archives at Milligan College promoted its archival collections during Milligan’s Sesquicentennial Anniversary in 2016. Several projects that the Archives were involved with, ...
    • Test Document 

      Daught, Gary (2019-05-30)
      This is a presentation about Milligan College's digital repository, MCStor, built on DSpace.
    • Two articles on New Testament textual criticism 

      Miller, Jeffrey (The Bible Translator, 2006-2019)
      Two articles, both published in the journal The Bible Translator, that argue against the validity of preferring shorter readings (lectio brevior potior) as a principle of New Testament textual criticism.
    • Two articles on translation issues key to Paul’s teaching about women 

      Miller, Jeffrey (Stone-Campbell Journal and Christian Standard, 2009)
      Paul’s words about women are a hotbed of debate. Consensus in interpretation awaits consensus in translation. Some translation issues have attracted abundant attention; interpreters have taken sides and stand at somewhat ...
    • What to Do while We're Waiting for Perfect Understanding: Why We Need a Theology of Women in Ministry 

      Hull, Robert F. Jr. (2010-07-08)
      Paper read at the 2010 North American Christian Convention, Indianapolis, IN. *Submitted by Jeff Miller after Hull's death*
    • When Eating Fit Makes You Fat 

      Han, Mei (2021-09-30)
      Mei Han got her bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Wuhan Textile University. She then joined Ping An Insurance as a training administrator, during her work at Ping An, she realized her passion for teaching, and decided ...


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