Photographs from the Milligan College Archives and Special Collections and the Helsabeck Archives displaying campus scenes from Milligan’s 150 years.

In celebration of Milligan’s Sesquicentennial Anniversary, this archival exhibit reveals how student-life and the campus landscape has changed (or has stayed the same) over the past 150 years. Most of the images displayed in this exhibit are digitized Kodachrome and Ektachrom 35 mm slides, which have not been made available from the College Archives until now. What may be most striking are the May Day celebration slides viewed in color, since most photos previously shared from the College Archives have been black and white prints. In this exhibit are views of Anglin Field during a Milligan football game, freshmen students wearing traditional orange and black dinks during Freshmen Week, and the ever-constant Buffalo Creek and Buffalo Mountain, the backdrop of our historic landscape these 150 years.

The images used in this exhibit are photo reprints of slides and photos from the Milligan College Archives and Special Collections and the Helsabeck Archives. Curated by Lindsay Kenderes.

Recent Submissions

  • Buffalo Mountain 

    Unknown author (undated)
    View of Buffalo Mountain from Milligan College.
  • Buffalo Creek, c. 1977 

    Unknown author (1977)
    Students sit beside Buffalo Creek, c. 1977.
  • Emmanuel Christian Seminary, c. 1970s 

    Unknown author (1970)
    Students walking into Emmanuel School of Religion (now Emmanuel Christian Seminary at Milligan College), c. 1970s.
  • Students walking on campus, c. 1970s 

    Unknown author (1970)
    Students walking between classes on campus, c. 1970s. Buffalo Mountain in background.
  • Freshmen Week, 1969 

    Unknown author (1969-09)
    Freshmen students wearing dinks and beanies walking by Milligan’s entrance and Post Office during Freshmen Week, September 1969.

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