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    • Sarah LaRue Hopwood 

      Cargille Studio, Johnson City (Cargille Studio, Johnson City, circa 1920)
      Sarah Hopwood
    • Sarah LaRue Hopwood 

      Unknown author (circa 1898)
      Sarah LaRue Hopwood, professor and wife of College president Josephus Hopwood, with bird on shoulder
    • Sarah LaRue Hopwood 

      Unknown author (undated)
      Sarah Hopwood
    • Virgil & Mrs. Geneva Elliott 

      Skeet Tallent Studio, Knoxville, Tennessee (Skeet Tallent Studio, Knoxville, Tennessee, undated)
      Virgil & Mrs. Geneva Elliott
    • Zelotai Club 

      Buffalo staff (The Buffalo, circa 1956)
      Zelotai club, Mrs. Walker in back row, middle. From the 1956 Buffalo.


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